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To Saponificio Varesino: "Your Majesty, please accept my apologies"


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Just a quick heads-up: Saponificio Varesino has just released Cosmo in Beta 4.3 formula. It's a 2021 Special Edition in metal tin. :gunsmilie:

For those in the States, how good of a value is a 150g/5.3oz puck of SV at $37 purely in number of shaves per dollar spent when compared to a top artisan soap like Lothur v2, A&E K2/K2e, B&M Omnibus, WK Siero, etc at their normal prices of $20-$24 for 4 ounces?
YMMV, but for me the SV is less expensive per shave than the softer soaps. I use 1.5 - 2 times as much soft soap as I do with a hard soap. By that math, plus the SV starting with more, the SV costs about the same or less per use, depending on the cost of the soap you choose.

I will note that I have not actually used any of the other soaps that you have mentioned, but I have used a number of other soaps that are likely similar in consistency.


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I don’t know the answer based on personal experience with North American artisan soaps, but if a $24/4oz artisan soap were 5.3 oz, the price would be about $31, a difference of $6.

Artisan soaps are croaps or even softer, SV is triple milled hard soap. I agree with @Chumango - SV is going to be cheaper to use by a good bit.
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