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To Saponificio Varesino: "Your Majesty, please accept my apologies"


Ask me about shaving naked!
Everyone has missed one, made in both 4.1 and 4.3 versions though it’s currently sold out. And it pairs perfectly with Acqua di Parma Colonia.

Strangely, the aftershave has been available for a long time without the matching soap. I was waiting for it to come back, but they did flying mango instead so I have given up. 🤷‍♂️


B&B's Man in Italy
What counts as “performance”? Is it only about how well the lather assists the shave? Is scent not part of the equation? Do you simply mean you are not brand conscious?

With "performance", related to any soap in any brand, I refer to how well it behaves in terms of:

- Ease of lathering
- Stability of lather
- Slickness
- Post Shave
- Scent, according to my tastes

If the soap fully satisfies all the above criteria, then I consider it as a high performing soap.
Absolutely NO, my dear friend. As I've already declared above, I'm only interested in performance. And it's a happy coincidence that, with the sole exception of SV, all my other favourite soaps are dirt cheap.

So far, the brands that have deserved a permanent spot in my den are:

- Saponificio Varesino
- La Toja
- Cella
- Pre de Provence
- Haslinger
- Ach. Brito

Too sad that the outstanding La Toja Manantiales and Klar Kabinett (the finest rose scented soap I've encountered to date) are no longer produced. :sad:

Bravo sir @Marco , that's right! You really are 100% objective.
As you say, SV is the best soap, but in your top, no. 2, is La Toja, a wonderful soap that costs only 2 Euro / 50 gr, followed by other good and cheap soaps.
Thus, you show people that they can shave with great results and without pawning their house. Please continue to present us cheap and good soaps!


Ask me about shaving naked!
Dear Steve, I am a bit confused here because I do not remember ever seeing this soap in Italy. Was it perhaps a special edition for the US market only?

Yes, It is/was a Bullgoose/Asylum Shaveworks edition. SV should make it though if Phil isn’t going to re-stock.
I do not have the sommelier's nose some of you have. Things that help are "sorta like [other product]" even if not an exact match. Does anyone know or have a link to description of the scent profiles? I may try a 4.3 version of this, but it will be a while before I pull the trigger, I'm going to stay (hopefully) in GRUME until Christmas.

He says.



Actually, in Desert Vetiver I prefer both performance and scent profile. Desert Vetiver contains desert date oil and, most probably because of this extra ingredient, I feel that it's ever so slightly more moisturizing than Opuntia. Desert Vetiver also features a truly exquisite fragrance, that is robust and persistent. It's a complex scent profile and, for a more accurate description of it, I invite you to check directly SV's web page here Desert Vetiver – Shaving Soap 150g – Saponificio Varesino Online Store - https://www.saponificiovaresino.com/svstore/en/shop/shaving/shaving-soap/desert-vetiver-sapone-da-barba-150g/.
Thank you for taking the time to explain this for me. I just received the Opuntia and have yet to lather it, but I really like the scent. I will now have to consider Desert Vetiver.


B&B's Man in Italy
Today I was about to pull the trigger on Manna di Sicilia, but I didn't. Instead, I decided that I wanted a backup of Desert Vetiver first. DV is so outstanding all around that it has rapidly moved to the #1 spot in my den. Manna di Sicilia at this point is next on my list of "must have", but there's no hurry. I can ask my wife to buy it for me at Christmas, it would easily be a great gift.

Recently I received as part of a PIF a very small sample of SV. It was an older version (Dolomiti 4.0). I found it to be an absolutely outstanding soap. Clearly worth the cost to have a luxury experience on a regular basis. I couldn't help but get some. I was also amazed at how long the very small sample lasted. It was quite a bit less money to buy from a European vendor.

This morning's shave was with old AOS (Valobra), also an excellent soap. Now to decide which to use tomorrow.
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