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Hi all,
Just signed up so thought I'd do the honorable thing and introduce myself.
I'm a 57yr old UK Citizen born and bred living in Leicestershire (the Midlands).
I have been shaving all my life, well since I was 17 yrs old at least!?! Started out using cheap disposable double blade razors (Bic type) then after a short time advanced to the Gillette cartridge razors and pretty much up graded to whatever model they brought out over the years! Up until about 15 years ago when I got totally hacked off at the price of the cartridges!?! It was getting ridiculous plus the sharpness of the blade DIDN'T seem to be lasting as long, so hence buying blades more frequently!?!
So with this I went the DE Safety Razor route and purchased an IKON Open Comb (B1 OCD) married with PERSONNA Platinum blades and along with a 25mm knot Best Badger Hair shaving brush and Taylors of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving soap. This set up has served me well for the past 15yrs. For me faultlessly, granted it took a good 3 to 4 months to consistently get a smooth comfortable 3 pass shave that was BBS! Persistence and the willingness to improve definitely paid of! And the x2 major benefits that came from this was shaving was a hell of a lot cheaper now! Plus, and this is the most important one of the two, I was now ENJOYING my shaving experience and routine!!!...
But even after this new found experience I have ALWAYS had a desire to shave with and master a STRAIGHT RAZOR!?! Ever since seeing guys use them in old movies! I just thought that is the proper manly way to shave, not sure why but it just gave me that impression as a kid!?! So a couple of years ago I decided it's now or never time! And after a little investigating and some research of what is required ie razor, strop and such. Well I already had the brush and soap so just need a SR and a strop!?!
Now Razors are a very personal thing I feel and if I was going to do this and keep at it (as only shaving once in a blue moon is not going to impove the end result, that much I DO know) I needed something that to me I could be proud to use!?! THIERS ISSARD is maker's I decided to go with, mainly because their website offered the ability to customise your order and this greatly appealed to me!
I settled on a Corbonsong C135 Steel
Round Point
Mirror Polished both sides
Grind either FULL or EXTRA FULL HOLLOW??
Fleur-de-lis Spine
Etched Le CHASSEUR on the Blade
Rams Horn scales
And yes to me it is a thing of BEAUTY!!!
So my journey with the SR has been hampered somewhat due to injuries (Broken bones mainly) and have to admit a confidenc thing too!?! Getting nicks is no fun!!! But part of the learning curve I accept that, but still frustrating and demoralising and this does reduce the keeness to pick up the SR!?!
But after my recent accident (Coming off my 2018 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RA and breaking x6 bones coupled with a lot of bruises!?!), I decided to give the SR a serious go! I rewatched YouTube videos and took careful note this time, more so and read forum threads from here and other shaving forum sites in the hope of something anything to help progress and advance my skill level with a SR!?! Well YOU guys did it on here for me! Cannot say which thread or which posts for definite and feel it would be unfair to do so anyway as it's a collective joint effort from all on here!!! But what I got was Nice STEEP Blade angle, LESS Blade pressure than you think, Straight down strokes NOT across slicing and a lather that suits your needs!!! All these points have greatly improved my SR Shaving experience, and each time it's getting better! I know shave every 3 days with the SR and achieve a 3 pass shave, at present I'm on x3 shaves with NO nicks, that said I will no proceed to cut my throat at the next attempt no doubt!?!
Anyway that my intro and shaving journey throughout my life to date. Thanks to everyone on here for all your Threads and Posts, they are all worth something to someone at sometime! Oh and thanks for sticking with this and reading.
Cheers to all, Andy
Welcome. Glad you survived the bike incident and are still around to shave! I too started here with the dream of "advancing" to a SR. But I've put it off as a possible retirement project. DE and SE are so easy and so effective. Have fun learning. There's a universe of experience to learn from around here.
Welcome to the community. BEAUTIFUL razor. I envy you SR guys. Your photography skills will be very much appreciated here as we are all very visual :)

I have failed to develop the skill but I still dabble with my SR's when the itch flares up, but at the expense of my face and AB+ supply.


"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
Welcome to Badger and Blade my friend! And I pray that you heal quickly, and enjoy that wunnerful looking razor. A thing of beauty.
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