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My FIVE lather methods, and WHEN to use them

Old school method make a lather apply to face either with the brush or hand and shave. Or the old barber shop of hot foam lather and apply with fingers. It’s all subjective and no one technique is the best way but only what works best for the individual.
Well I am not OCD about shaving, removing beard daily is mission, and I try to keep the process Simple and no make a big deal out of it.

Yes there are thing I am OCD about but these are more important in my life then what soap, brush, or razor is going to work best. Soap get bought, use, and if it is good, it is repurchased. Keep It Simple works for me.
Well said. If I like the soap or cream it gets bought again. I guess I am just old school of hot towel lather one pass wipe off alum block and a splash of witch hazel and clubman.
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