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Speakeasy RIP

Highballs during summer, Hot Toddies for autumn and sometimes neat which gives you a good socking ;)

And the last of three.

Bottles of Weller SR and Elijah Craig Single Barrel Select Rye fell this weekend as a group of whiskey lovers descended upon my home this weekend!


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Vodka is and will be a niche program for me, although the last few days in Poland showed me that there is still a bit to discover.

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Interesting. If I understand correctly, I'm in agreement. Vodka is not well understood. Yes it's neutral, however each has a unique flavor profile. My goto at home is Luksusowa, a good value, Polish Potato (and in one review I found several years ago, put it 3rd in the world for the potato born variety. I've enjoyed Comb, made in Portchester, NY, is honey based. A tad brash wihout a couple of cubes but a really interesting hit of honey on the lips with the initial sip. I've really wanted to get my hands on a bottle of Putinka (Russian) simply out of curiosity. And, if memory serves as well, Square One produces an organic rye based vodka that was interesting as well. I've not had one in minute, but a well crafted Vesper, is a really lovely cocktail: Bond fans will know. Generally speaking however, I enjoy my drink naked and straight up.

Other than that...I'm a fan of the even more misunderstood distillation: Tequilla. My favorite blanco being Fortaleza and my current go to reposado (my general lean): Siete Leguas (7 Lakes). Side note: Siete Leguas was the original distiller for Patron (not a fan.)
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