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Tatara Masamune vs Feather AS-D2

I’m actually going pleased to hear that I own one of the best razors (AS-D2), so I don’t feel the pull to own the Tatara. Looks are subjective but when it comes to razors I think I gravitate towards a more traditional look. I remember when I was shopping for the AS-D2, my top choice was actually the Tradere, but it had gone out of production. I basically went back and forth between AS-D2 and ATT M1 and settled on the AS-D2 in part because it offered no options so I didn’t have to worry about picking a handle or plate and worrying that I may have been happier with a different one.

If EJ back then offered a stainless option, I probably would have just gone with that because I was using a DE89 which I liked and I tend to stick with the familiar.
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