Single Edge Razor Acquisition Thread.

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by BigFoot, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Really? Could you try again? Maybe I was editing while you're watching
  2. Yep, I jumped the gun...sorry about that. Beautiful Schick (Type B, right?)!!! Having once lived in NYC for over a decade, I'm always curious where these razor purveyors were located -- 285 Madison Avis a great location. I just picked up a Schick Type B (no case, no box). Are you planning to shave with yours? And if yes, are you going to manually load (i.e., with pliers) or try to use the loading mechanism? I'm probably jumping the gun again! :001_rolle
  3. Of course I will definitely use mine. But it will take some time until I try this razor. Recently, I've purchased too many injectors and wasted so many blades to try all of them. I will stick to using loaded injectors l till all of them get dull.

    I heard loading a blade with the mechanism can be finicky. For me, if it's too troublesome to load a blade with the original mechanism, half of it's charm will disappear. So I hope the loading mechanism will not cause any problem for me :)
  4. I know what you mean....both about having too many injectors loaded up with new blades and needing to use them; as well as the "charm" of using the razor as designed. We can compare notes, many moons from now when we both re-surface and are ready to use our B's.
  5. That's awesome! :)
  6. That sure is an E, it still follows the 6 number serial scheme. Serial number if I am reading it right is E050831. Either way that razor for sure is British made and at least a 1907. It isn't in the picture but under the rollers it will say 1904 above the patent number on the left and 1907 on the one on the right. It will also say British above the patented. I have an American made A model Autostrop and the stampings are different, no mention of it being British patented for starters.
  7. You're right!!!! Sorry, I shouldn't sound so surprised -- I'm just really excited!! But if you zoom in on the photo, you can actually just make out the lettering for the 1904 one side, 1907 on the other, and British is over the word "Patented". It's so far back on the plate, I never noticed it. THANK YOU!!!! I hate guessing these things, and I REALLY like knowing!!!!
  8. I tested the loading system with 5 used injector blade a moment ago. the loading system worked very smoothly contrary to the notoriety. In fact, I am very surprised that this old mechanism is faultless after 80 or more years.
    Maybe it is working well because it wasn't a used one.
  9. Outstanding...that's great to hear!!! I suspect if you're careful (and the razor hasn't been abused), it shouldn't be a big issue to load a modern blade.
  10. That's a beautiful razor.
    I have the smooth bar type B and love the shave. But I really wanted the version you have.
    Mine is in reasonable shape and the mechanism seems to work fine. I just need to tighten the head a bit because it pivots sometimes while shaving.
  11. Thanks for the compliment. I've always thought it's design is not my cup of tea. However, it looks much better than I thought it did and feels really solid in my hand. it really is one of the coolest shaving tools ever made.
  12. My possibly Canadian Nickel textured Type G has arrived. It's in mint condition with a blank blade:


  13. Beautiful! :001_wub:
  14. It's actually made in the USA.
  15. Very nice razor either way. Enjoy
  16. Waiting on it to arrive a Filomatic Inox injector. This is a Spanish made razor from the 1960s. I am also getting a package of unopened Filomatic twin injector blades with the razor. What is interesting about the Filomatic twin injector blades was supposedly they were first to market for twin blades before Schick or Gillette.

    filoinj1.jpg filoinj2.jpg
  17. Never seen and heard this injector before. It is outstanding!!! Thanks for sharing precious info!!
  18. Me neither that is why I bought it, the company called Basset made another injector called an F2 which was supposed to be exactly like the Gillette Twinjector and later Trac II injector. This razor was one of the few that Gillette continued to produce under the Gillette brand name rebranded as a Twinjector/Trac II after they took over Basset and discontinued production of the Filomatic razors.

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