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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Ooooh...shiny! :drool:
I was lucky to pickup a 1949 Aristocrat #16 on the BST and it showed up today. I would like to thank CanuckShaver for letting go of such a beautiful razor. It will be one of my cherished razors in my collection and rotation. Used it today for a wonderful shave.

$ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397337675.938509.jpggot these three today for just under 50. A 53 superspeed a 66 flair tip and I think a pre 42 gold tech. There are no numbers. This thing has minimal plate loss.
Finally got the chance to sit down today and clean up a 1908 (A400433) Gillette Single Ring Signature that arrived on Wednesday. What a find! Bought it on eBay about a month ago and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it for sale with another open comb without a hint of description as a Signature. After the auction ended, I had a chance to communicate with the seller (a very nice gentleman) who told me that he’d been collecting for many years, but had never heard of the Signature Single Ring. In fact, he said he’d “toyed with throwing these away.” So glad he didn’t! A terrific surprise for both of us.

For clean up, I started with a mild toothbrush/Dawn scrub, then a polish with a smallish amount of Flitz, followed by another mild brushing. Given the rarity of these razors, I’m not eager to do much more except enjoy it.

As I said above, the serial number on the inner barrel is A400433. The “King Gillette” signature is on the underside of the base plate (handle side) and the cap is without any adornments at all. Patent data is on the lower handle band and states, “PAT.NOV.15.’04”.

As an aside, anyone know who to contact to get my razor listed in the ShaveWiki’s Single Ring Signature database? http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Signature_Single_Rings

All the best!


Some before pictures (I'll put the afters below):


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Got a call from my old man this afternoon. He found this while cleaning. A little soak and shine and it's good to go. Don't know what I'll do about the case. Probably just leave it be. $ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397429329.691807.jpg
Found a gold Clix razor with case, bakelite handle. The head is a bit heavy by itself.

The head fits my NEW, heavy tech handle and my Merkur long handle. I cleaned it up and put a blade in it, and it has a big blade gap. Looks like it's gonna make for a smooth shave.

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