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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Yep. That handle was used on the R&B (1934?) kit, and probably others. You can identify it by the rounded shoulder and the lack of knurling immediately below. Had the handle had a flat shoulder it would have belonged to the R&B DeLuxe (1934)kit. Check mr-razor here:
Thanks for the info Joel. The handle didn't have any gold plate left on it so I didn't feel too bad about polishing it up a bit. The handle has a crack and comes apart so I might add a little weight. It seems a little light to me.
The slims picked turned out really well.


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I got the RAD bad! Was at the flea market today and came home with these in my pocket.
I'll clean em up and see how they look in a couple days. I'm no expert by any means, but as far as I can tell I got a 1980 Gillette G1000. No Idea what the open combs are.

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I went to a local antiques fair this afternoon, and literally struck gold: a real nice 1946-50 ball end Gillette Tech and a beautiful 1920s made-in-England Gillette Miladay set, complete with celluloid case, blade holder, and a vintage Blue Blade. The Milady package was marketed to women, but is the same razor as the Gillette Tuckaway. I also found what to me seems to be a high quality vintage badger brush, marked Victoria Extra Feinstes Dachshaar on one side, and J.A. Henckels, Zwillingswerk, Solingen on the other. I'm not well-versed on brushes - if anyone can tell me about this one I'd sure appreciate it.

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Misspellings are my friend. I just picked up this 1906 "Gilette" for a song. Black leather interior instead of purple velvet, case is unique, curved exterior. Anyone know the story on this set?


(ebay photos)

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Nice grab. I keep asking my students for a chalk holder with built in spell checker. Maybe I shouldn't. That razor reeks of history. Sorry I can't help with the story on it.
So I cleaned up the latest results of my extreme case of RAD, and I have to say they are a lot prettier when they shine.
1980 Gillette G1000, 1912 Gillette 102, and I have no idea what the other one is. There are no markings on it what-so-ever(the one on the left)
Special acquisition today! Got an A3 date code Blue Tip for my dad who was born in Q3 1955. Good condition with a little brassing on one of the safety bars, but it's functionally perfect and even has both original side plates.
Quite a few razors arrived today. I hadn't even cleaned them yet when these pics were taken!
A minty Gillette black handle superspeed (I-1, 1988), Gillette Knack (T-2, 1973), Ikon OSS (again!), and Schick E-type injector.
...and a tub of Castle Forbes Lime cream (yummy).



This is what 34ish dollars looks like today!

$Razor 1.jpg

$Razor 2.jpg

I made the mistake of swinging by one of the antique malls in my locality, and they had a couple that the lady was just giving away. I felt so bad for them that I just had to let them follow me home. :a2: Filled with this new-found sense of duty, I felt it was my obligation to drive across town to our other antique mall to make sure that there weren't any other poor, lonely razors pining for a home, and I'll be danged if another couple didn't just hop into my car as well!

This is my first vintage razor purchase (I inherited my grandfathers L4 Slim) and I have no idea what I've got. Three of them were stamped Gillette on the base plate, and (based on my super quick Google search) I'm pretty sure that they're an Old Type, a New and a Tech of some sort. The small silver one is stamped MADE IN ENGLAND and has no other markings that I can identify. I'd be more than happy with any additional info the good folk of B&B could provide.

I've got them soaking in hot water and dish soap now. Cleaned up photos will follow shortly! :wink2:
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