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I dropped my safety razor on the bathroom tile floor at a height between about a foot and two feet.

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Well my EJ thinking on my drop was like five feet.

The Razor hit just right to snap screw, it was just bad luck.

Had it been Stainless, it might have been fine.

Think if Edwin Jaggers Grips were more grippy, they could be less slippery in wet hand.
I'm the first beginner to use a safety razor today. I put a safety razor with a razor blade attached on the chair for a moment to get ready before I shave and went to get the supplies. But I suddenly heard the sound of iron falling, so I checked and found that my safety razor was on the floor tile of the bathroom. So what I did as an beginner, not an expert, was to make sure there was something wrong with the appearance and to shave sideburns by combining new razor blades.
As a beginner, I saw that there were no visual problems at all. If you had to look for it, the problem was that the corner of the top part (head?) was really slightly pressed. And I didn't notice any problems when shaving my sideburns. Is it okay if I just use it? Is this a difficult question to answer without seeing the actual situation?

The name of the safety razor I purchased is Razorock Game Changer 0.76

That's a bit disconcerting, not for the razor but, for you. If you're still around, stick with Norelco or Remington.

This is actually what I was worried had happened to the OP, that they damaged the tile. This is a serious concern I have with my stainless razor and the one reason I am reluctant to use it more. I'd rather have my razor break than the sink or tile floor.
That is why I use a plastic shaving bowl.
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