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I dropped my safety razor on the bathroom tile floor at a height between about a foot and two feet.

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Rice and side dish

I dropped the safety razor from about a foot to two feet on the bathroom tile floor.
I'm a beginner and used a safety razor for the first time today, so I can't expertly judge what's wrong with the safety razor, but there don't seem to be any obvious problems.
If you look closely, it looks like the edge of the top (head?) is really slightly pressed.
Since I am a beginner, I first replaced the razor blade with a new one and tried shaving my sideburns, and there seemed to be no problem.
Is it okay to just use it? Is this a difficult question to answer without actually seeing the situation?

The safety razor I purchased is Razer Lock.
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A close up picture will likely get you better responses. However, it sounds like it didn't get too much damage. You could try shaving with it and see how well it works.

Rice and side dish

I'm the first beginner to use a safety razor today. I put a safety razor with a razor blade attached on the chair for a moment to get ready before I shave and went to get the supplies. But I suddenly heard the sound of iron falling, so I checked and found that my safety razor was on the floor tile of the bathroom. So what I did as an beginner, not an expert, was to make sure there was something wrong with the appearance and to shave sideburns by combining new razor blades.
As a beginner, I saw that there were no visual problems at all. If you had to look for it, the problem was that the corner of the top part (head?) was really slightly pressed. And I didn't notice any problems when shaving my sideburns. Is it okay if I just use it? Is this a difficult question to answer without seeing the actual situation?

The name of the safety razor I purchased is Razorock Game Changer 0.76
I doubt you really damaged anything. If you look at the edge of the blade and it seems wavy or with uneven gap, that would be a bad sign. You would probably have to drop it from much higher or hit it with a hammer to really damage that razor.
Since my English skills are not good, I used a translator and registered the post after doing as much review as possible, but for some reason, all the posts were changed to Korean. Sorry for the inconvenience..
No worries. I don't know what the policy is here. I don't expect you to speak or write English any better than I can speak or write Korean. Glad you decided to join and contribute to the forums.


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If I understood correctly, you managed to complete the shave, so I wouldn't be worried at all.

Just a scratch! Keep going!
I translated the post to English. It seemed to shave ok so I wouldn't worry too much. Years ago, when I received my new Game Changer .84P I dropped it on the garage floor at home. I was unwrapping it at the time. I gained a bit of a small gouge in one safety bar. I never notice it when I shave and it is still one of my favourites.
Well there is one similar recollection from my past when I was holding some stainless steel razor in my hand going about shaving my face. And when the time came to rinse it in a flow of water I did. I then proceeded to shake the razor with a vigorous quick swooping hand motion (top do down) only to hit a faucet with the razor like a hammer. I was using excessive hand movement, so in the bathroom a reverberate "DUUUUUUUUMM" echoed. For a second I was in disbelief at what just happened, but just for a second. Since I was holding stainless steel razor in my hands, with the razor being made from steel of higher hardness and toughness than the one the faucet was made of ... I just continued. I fugured ... I am prepped to test the "new state" of the razor. The shave went one without a hitch. At the end after inspection I did not found any marking on the razor, but did one dent/scratch on the faucet.
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Being honest I got my money out of 20 dollar + razor, was happy it did not damage TILE.

This is actually what I was worried had happened to the OP, that they damaged the tile. This is a serious concern I have with my stainless razor and the one reason I am reluctant to use it more. I'd rather have my razor break than the sink or tile floor.


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Congratulations, your razor is fine with the floor. Sturdiness is an important reason why we love stainless steel razors.

I am from Taiwan, and I mainly browse B&B through Google Translate. The gentlemen here are very kind and welcome you.
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