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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Alrighty, I've given them a cursory scrub down with Dawn and hot water. I wanted to snag some shots while I still had daylight, so I dried them off after I'd gotten the bulk of the cruddy crud off and set them in front of the ol' iPhone, and here they are:

Gillette Old Type Open Comb, circa???

Gillette ???, circa???


They've been soaking in the Bubbles for about 15ish minutes now, so I'm going to go give them a look and see how they're coming. :lol:
Just received this B-1 Gillette Tech in the mail. Nothing special, just thought I would use it as a gateway razor for a couple of friends, my soon to be son in law, or, with luck, the lady of the manor. Cleaned up nice.
This is what 34ish dollars looks like today!

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I made the mistake of swinging by one of the antique malls in my locality, and they had a couple that the lady was just giving away. I felt so bad for them that I just had to let them follow me home. :a2: Filled with this new-found sense of duty, I felt it was my obligation to drive across town to our other antique mall to make sure that there weren't any other poor, lonely razors pining for a home, and I'll be danged if another couple didn't just hop into my car as well!

This is my first vintage razor purchase (I inherited my grandfathers L4 Slim) and I have no idea what I've got. Three of them were stamped Gillette on the base plate, and (based on my super quick Google search) I'm pretty sure that they're an Old Type, a New and a Tech of some sort. The small silver one is stamped MADE IN ENGLAND and has no other markings that I can identify. I'd be more than happy with any additional info the good folk of B&B could provide.

I've got them soaking in hot water and dish soap now. Cleaned up photos will follow shortly! :wink2:

Check here http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/US_Gillette_Dating_Information for the U.S. models. Nice finds, if you're careful you can straighten that tooth. The New can give BBS shaves with the right technique. Check out the BOTOC thread!
Oh my goodness! :)
I ran into these beauties but did not pull the trigger yet. He wants to trade, but I do not have anything he wants! :-(
And these as well
There is a flare tip, and either a slim or a Fat boy, a couple of news, some Valets, a couple of shick injectors, a couple of techs, some straights, a khaki travel tech, a couple of brushes and a blade tin that looks to be gold plated.
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Recently acquired a Feather AS-D1. Read several conflicting threads, but had to give it a try. The thing is gorgeous and has some heft to it! As for the shave - It was phenomenal! I love aggressive razors and this one is not very aggressive, but is definitely not too mild. It performed very well taking into consideration the Feather blade I used was on its 4th depilatory mission. Definitely a keeper!
Roderic, the razor in the very first row, on the right hand side, appears to be a British Aristocrat. You should nab it if it works and is reasonable.
This is the razor that I dropped out of the GRU-Summer for. It was listed incorrectly as a 1947-1950 Gillette Milord, but it is a 1941 Gillette Milord. Freshly replated in 18 Karat gold. And I got it for almost $50 less than it was listed for. It was an old friend of mine, Nick at www.sportshaving.com he does make a deal for the average guy too, if you message him about an item. Anyway , here's the eye candy....
Thanks for your interest.
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