Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by BigFoot, Sep 21, 2013.

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    From now on let's try to post all new acquisitions in this thread. That way everyone will be able to easily find them. :001_tt1: :drool:
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  2. OK, I got this Leresche # 77 recently. One of my top faves. $GetAttachment.aspx.jpg
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  3. I had to get one of these Stahlys and found one in like new condition. I've tried the head on a standard handle and it shaves wonderful. I've not had the courage to try the vibration mode yet. There's a funny video on the tube with a kid attempting to shave with a vibrating Stahly and chopping up his face like a weed-wacker through grass!
  4. At the flea market yesterday and scored a Gillette new oc, OK condition (going to hit with brasso), the teeth are all straight too; paid 5 bucks for so score! No picture though so I guess it didn't happen? lol.
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    Sweet 1954, near perfect 40's style Z-1 Super Speed from a woman in San Francisco. Blades are iffy (correctness), case shows light crazing. Under $15, though!



    There were some Craftsman blades in the used section.
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  6. picked up this stuff at a local auction this weekend. nothing special but only 27 bucks. the parker 51 vacumatic will easily make up for the cost :001_tt2: there is actually a lot more but this is the good stuff. i also had to buy the junk to get to the good stuff lol

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  7. Got three wonderful things in the mail today.
    First off...
    $uploadfromtaptalk1379998644677.jpg $uploadfromtaptalk1379998681298.jpg
    My new shaving brush custom made by Wolf Whiskers. I love the thing. It has me written all over it.

    1951 W3 Gillette black tip

    1941 Gillette Ranger with aluminum handle.

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  8. There have been so many nice score posts lately I thought I might as well get in on the fun. This is my antique market find from last weekend...saw a little plain wooden box sitting closed on a table and opened it up to reveal this (the box ended up being a Wilkinson box actually). Nice surprise! Insta grabbed this bad boy and left a happy man ;)

    Happy hunting everyone

  9. Very Nice indeed!
  10. Nice find, have you tried shaving yet? It looks as if there might be an alignment issue. There are a handful of threads on here discussing how to easily fix it.
  11. I have not tried it yet. I didn't notice anything wrong with my examination of it but i see what you mean in the pic...I'll have to take a closer look tonight thanks! Glad to hear it's easily fixed worst case ;)
  12. That's a Sweet find.
  13. Jake

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    Excellent score!
  14. Not to be nosy, but did you beat this price? Fat Boys and Executives are great shaves btw. Congrats.

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  15. Starting to build my collection, and these three razors arrived in the mail today: A Gillette Fatboy, an Adjustable Slim and a NEW.

    I am so excited. I wanted to share at least a picture with the gang here!


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  16. Bravo! Excellent score there it looks minty. I hope to find one myself and if I do I'm keeping it! Again, well done!
  17. WOW! Great start to a very nice collection. That Fat Boy is quite "Minty" if you ask me.


  18. Three of my favorites, nice!
  19. Nice start!
  20. Very nice. Congrats!!

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