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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.


Gentlemen, I might have found my Grail vintage piece and consider myself DONE!
Many thanks @Northstonehill I hope I didn’t plunder...
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Wow, Hannes, looks awesome!! And a superb shaver to boot! Sincere congrats, but just so you know, you are not done. You are never done. You just think for a brief moment that you are done :laugh:
Dear Gents,
I found this gillette french Federal set. the razor is in very good conditions and comes with both the patent of 1920 and the written other patents pending.
under the comb you can see the same written "importe des etats unis d'amerique" that is stamped on the inner liner. there is also a strange g in d stamp with a sort of diamond inside that i've never seen before if not in the same set presented on mrrazor.



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