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Rapt_up DE shaving journal - The journey begins

Have been shaving pretty much daily with the EraLupo, and getting good shaves. Had a couple BBS shaves, one have very little stubble present after 24 hrs, less than I use to have after 8 hrs with a cartridge razor.

Nacet is less efficient than the Bic CP blades,but both give great shaves, readily lasting 10 days or more. I just did a couple days and ongoing with German Wilkinson Sword blade. First shave very smooth, next shave very smooth but a pretty good weeper on a raise bump on my face. Didn't feel it. Not sure why the Wilkinson Sword does this, it ifs because it gets radically sharper after the first shave, or because the blade is slightly thicker and turns out more rigid, or causes a higher gap due to the stiffness.
Either way a perfectly suitable blade and shave with the right care.

Still love the RR Plissoft 400, and PAA CK-6 soap is the slickest on the skin that I have been using, even when very wet and thin lather. Gentleman's Nod Musashi is second, and SW soaps I love the names and idea but seem to be less slick, and leave my skin feeling dryer. I suspect its the hardness of my water, which is quite hard. Also I find a lot of the SW scents to be less appealing, many have this weird mustiness behind them like I have talked about before, I quite like Labryinth though, because it doesn't seem to have it. Samhain is good as well.


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Welcome back, @Rapt_up !

I was thinking you had found your winning team and am glad that’s what was going on.

If the CK-6 is your top performer and your skin or sinuses don’t seek revenge for scented soaps, they’ve got enough scents to keep you going for years.
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