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Rapt_up DE shaving journal - The journey begins

Now there is all sorts of crazy creams and salves and potions to supposedly make it heal better... LOL
I think some people just heal better than others. Mine have all been itch free, and most have even been scale free. *knock on wood* :) Still a work in progress. Next session is May 10. Hope to have it all done beforemid September

Good shave this morning, did the EraLupo 72 OC main ATG/XTG pass and touchups with the 95 SB side. DFS+ to BBS in record time. :) Used Southern Witchraft Lycanthropy for the soap. Its a bit floral for me, but the wife loves it, so :D
Lupo 95 SB with SW Samhain and Bic blade second shave. DFS++ Not sure if the increased efficiency is the Bic blade, or the Lupo cap vs the Era cap...
A quick two pass shave today, Gentleman's Nod Musashi, and the same combo of hardware as yesterday. Nice DFS++ shave. Playing with the idea of where to go next from here.... do I try a RR Superslant3 3+ 3++? Hmmmm...
Shaved at the sink right after my shower today, used the same Bic blade but the Era Top cap on the Lupo Dc baseplate.
CK-6 Soap, nice wet lather. Smooth shave, efficiency is definitely higher with the EraLupo vs the straight Lupo with Lupo topcap. So that answers that question. Blade is noticeably more rigid. 95% BBS shave.
Soap: SW Carmilla (sample), lots of wet lather
Razor: Era Top Cap, Lupo Dc baseplate, Ti Crown handle
Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum, 5th shave
Shave:Smooth one pass ATG/XTG combo. Noticed a bit more blade feel partway into the shave, thought I was just being more clumsy than usual, was extra careful with the passes along my jaw etc. Discovered the handle was slightly loose from drying it yesterday at the end of the shave. Hmmmm ....
Result:BBS/DFS++along my jawline, cheeks, DFS+ on neck . One of my better shaves in terms of result vs time and effort.
Soap: PAA CK-6, just the right amount of lather
Razor: Era Top Cap, Lupo DC baseplate, Ti Crown handle
Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum, 6th shave
Shave:Smooth one pass ATG/XTG combo....
Result:DFS+ along my jawline, cheeks, DFS+ on neck.

Decided I like the combo enough to keep it, so I put a small bit of polish onm outer face on each edge of the ERA Top cap.
Soap: Gentleman's Nod Musashi, drippy wet lather
Razor: Era Top Cap, Lupo DC baseplate, Ti Crown handle
Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum, 7th shave
Brush: RR 400 Plissoft synthetic

Was a shower shave today with emphasis on speed. Smooth, fast, one pass ATG/XTG combo, no touchups.....The polish on the top cap seems to have improved face feel making it easier/more comfortable to shave.
Overall a DFS+ :)
Friday already! Bic blade is now on its 14th shave. Noticing that its not nearly as close. Still DFS, but I expect I'd have to do a a lot more than my 1 and half ATG/XTG pass to get close to BBS with it now.

Very pleased with the RR 400 PLissoft brush. Its gonna be permament. :D
Shaved last night as I had an early morning today. Karve SB G is a decently efficient razor and I love the look of it, but find the shave significantly less smooth than with the EraLupo franken razor combo. I feels a bit like its pulling. Even with a Bic blade.
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