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Easy Steps for Little Feet - Step One

I have used shaving soap most of my life (incorrectly as it turns out). A single visit to the Wiki on lather has started to improve things.

I have tried moving from a cartridge razor to a double-edged safety razor on a few occasions and fallen back to cartridges after not doing well at all.

I own a razor and blades which will become relevant at some point in the future, but not right now.

I have a *primitive* morning shave that consists of soaking the brush, wetting the soap, showering, lathering, and shaving with a cartridge razor.

Right now, as I work my way toward getting lather right every time, I'm only looking one step ahead.

So if I ever achieve latherhood up to my standards, what ONE thing that works within the context of my morning shave routine is the obvious next incremental improvement? This would be the equivalent of step # 1 in the famous rabbit stew recipe, "Catch a rabbit".

I may never reach this step. I may take this next step and go no further. So a master plan for exploring the known galaxy is beyond what I'm asking.


A Schick injector would be a good choice. No technique required, a cart-like feel to it. With Chinese Schick blades in the yellow package it is the finest shaving razor in the world, IMHO. Can be found in antique shops, flea markets or on the Web for $10-30.
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