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PIF vs passaround ?

Tracking the package and it looks like it had to make a stop at San Jose, California to then cross the Continent and make its way to South Florida..........Amazing......Such Efficiency.......
The package has arrived, Box took a few blows but looks to be fine, I'll open it tomorrow and post something , Thank you "Sucker Dad" and the entire group for the opportunity .
Ok so I went through the box and we had a few casualties. Mystic Waters BSS melted, Sterling Lemon Orange melted, Sterling San Antonio melted and the Pinaud Lilac plastic bottle has a crack and leaks, other than that everything else looks in good shape. I'll start with the smell test and then post what will be chosen. Thanks


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Had a chance to go through the box and the following will be on the menu.

Simpson pre shave oil
St. James of London Sandalwood and bergamot sample
St.James of London Cedarwood and Clarysage
Col.Conk Amber
Sterling Sharp Dressed Man
Sterling Excecutive Man
Koni Sandalwood
Bath by Bettijo Lemon Almond oil
I will be using the Gillette Slim as soon as I prep it.
I'll mention the razor blades as I use them.

I may add more later.

Tomorrow I'll try to post the first product review.

Everyone have a good evening.


P.S. Adding a pic of the meltdown.

Review #1
My daily routine is almost the same everyday only the players change.

First a face wash with my glycerin based soap that has sandalwood, patchouli, musk and other essential oils.
Second I always use a prep shaving oil for setup, Today we are using the Simpsons Preshave Oil that was in the box.
Third I also use a small amount of shaving cream as a conditioner, I wanted to try the St James of London with sandlewood and Bergamot.
Fourth is the main course, Today we will be using Razor Rock Nanno Michelino.

Todays equipment will be a Gillette New Short OC, a Rapira Platinum Lux and I am using a Vintage Ever Ready 1500 with Badger Hair.

The Simpsons pre shave oil was heavier than my usual pre shave oil but it seamed to cover well, I massaged it in and went on to the St. James of London shave cream, I put a dab on each cheek and massage it into the face giving the face a thin even coat, I placed a healthy sample of the Razor Rock Nanno Michelino in an empty Cella container and after letting the brush sit in warm water for a few minutes, I proceeded to wip up a copious amount of lather.

First pass WTG was good, I felt good hydration but the normal glide action was not there, I try to use little to no effort and I felt the blade was cutting but getting bogged down a little, some might think that I am using to many product but I can assure you that I have been doing the same routine for years, anyway I finished the first pass did a hand check and it wasn't to bad.

Second pass I only use the main soap product, the soap was holding together nicely and it performed well, I will say that my face was mildly stressed but the end of the second pass, no weeper or cuts just slightly uncomfortable, so I decided not to go for a third pass and just do some touch up.

I believe that the Simpsons pre shave oil goes on to thick, at least for me and that it wasn't improving the glide but hindering it a bit, additionally I felt that the Rapira Platinum Lux while being sharp tends to be harsh possible in this scenario, it could just be a dud blade. I frankly did not like the sent produced by the St. James of London shaving cream, I could. Of smell any sandlewood in it and the bergamot was just awful. I was looking forward to using the Razor Rock Nanno because it had the look feel and some of the smell that Cella has but it was not to be, while being good there was something substantial missing and it came up short.

Didnt get the BBS but I will take a DFS any day. I'll try to keep the next post shorter.
Try one of those Treet blacks. I threw in a tuck of those but I will say I love them in a couple of my razors but can't stand them in my Fatboy. I would also add the Fatboy is not my favorite razor. Also give the SE a try I put some blades in there for that as well. It took some getting used to but I use the SE more than DE. Hate to hear that the Veg cracked. While it is not my scent there are a lot of fans. I prefer the clubman. I liked the performance of the RR Nanna but it just didn't do it for me in the scent dept.
I'm trying to find some containers and a bottle for the Veg so I can keep it in the box, also trying to reduce the size and weight of a few thing, I'll include a list of what I'm adding in the next review. BTW you don't have to sell me on the SE razors I have one or two in my rotation at all times, I'll be on tomorrow. :thumbup1:
Review #2

Yesterday we did the usual pre shave face was and I wanted to try the Bath by Bettijo Lemon Almond oil, followed by the St. James of London Cedarwood and Clarysage Cream and the Col. Conk Amber.

I will be using the Gillette Slim that came in the box with a Personna Platinum Chrome blade. The Bath by Bettijo pre shave oil has a very light consistency but covers well, this time around I found the St. James of London Cedarwood to have a very nice scent and blended well with the pre shave oil, I used a Ever-Ready F40 to whip up the Col.Conk Amber and off we went.

The Slim was set on 5 and the first pass WTG went good but with three layers on the first pass almost any equipment can do a good job :w00t:, I felt a little less stress coming from the blade but slightly more coming from the razor still better than the previous day, here I was feeling less drag that I felt was related to the lighter oil and the overall glide was better. Second pass ATG was different, I had to quickly dial down to 4 on the razor use an extra light touch and still got a nick under the chin, I believe that the Col. Was fading and the soap was not providing enough glide on its own, still I finished the shave with some very very light touch up.

The shave was not bad but not great either, close to a DFS, had less irritation and stress from the previous day but the shave was not as close. The silver lining was using the Lucky Tiger after shave face tonic, it is a very good product that finished the shave nicely, Thanks to hum ever placed it in the box.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Here is a list of what I'm adding to the box.

Nivea Men's sensitive protection lotion
Nivea Men's sensitive cooling post shave balm
Gillette after shave gel
Somersets maximum glide shaving oil
7 tucks of razor blade
1 blade storage with 2 Astra blades
1 blade storage with 5 Derby blades
A proraso green shave cream in a travel tube
1/2 Puck of Chelsea's Fresh soap
1/2 Puck of Wilkinson sword soap
1/4 Puck of "Pre De Provence" soap
1 Gillette Old Razor in Brass I repaired myself and is in very good condition.

While I wait to get get a few things I need to repackage some items I'll do a few more reviews and then send the box on its way.
Ok guys sorry about slow posting, a lot of work and family health issues. Decided to do group reviews and let the box go on its way. Also I finally was able to get the items I needed for repackaging.

Shaving Soaps.

Haslinger Coconut Rasierseife, this soap had a mild coconut/nutty scent but I found it dissipated rather fast, the small piece I was working with needed some effort to produce a decent lather, maybe on the light side, the razor slide was just slightly above average, after the shave the face moisture was fair. Overall I'll give it a 7 out of 10. Sorry that was the last piece.

Col.Conk Product Amber, this is a glycerin base soap, the scent was pleasant but mild and it dissipated fast, the lather production was Ok nothing special, on the lighter side, the razor slide was slightly better than the Haslinger and the after shave moisture level was also slightly better than the Haslinger. Over all 7.25 out of 10. There is half a puck left.

Sterling Sharp Dressed Man, the soap scent has a more classical barbershop aroma, clean but understated, hangs around for about half an hour, I liked it. The lather production was above average but no Wow. The razor slide was also above average. The after shave moisture level is slightly above average. Overall 7.5 out of 10. There is a large sample left.

Sterling Executive Man, Imagine Sharp Dressed Man on steroids, the scent is slightly stronger more assertive yet very classical, I really liked the scent, it lasted a little longer than the Sharp Dreesed Man, the lather was easier to produce, the razor slide was about the same and the aftershave moisture was also the same. Overall 8 out of 10. There is half a puck left.

Kan-I-Noor 1930 Italy, This soap has a very very mild scent, I liked it but very mild, it was also very difficult to get the right water to soap combination but if you stick to it, it will product a fine lather that is not super fluff but super, the razor glide is very good, not great but very good, the aftershave moisture was also very good. Overal 8.5 our of 10. There is about a half puck left.

Next I will be doing a razor blade and shave oil review and finally a best of the box review and I will be done. Meanwhile I will try to contact the next person on the list to set up a shipping destination.

Finally was able to contact the next one in line, the box will be ready to ship this week, I will follow up with the tracking number. The Pass Around Lives On.!!!!!
Ok the package is on its way To ezcape49, if everything goes on schedule it should be arriving in Texas in a few days. Mailed Priority USPS tracking # 9505513944486112133038.
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