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  1. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    I'm in please
    my boy is 100 lb German shepherd named Charlie
  2. I've always thought white schnauzers where beautiful dogs. It's a shame you don't see them that often.
  3. DEPenguin

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    I see them occasionally between their sitting visits. They're good dogs, very intelligent and distinct personalities.
  4. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    B509F9B5-6EE0-4CB2-B33A-0D3893E14A2C.jpeg 27A4F5A5-0BB0-439B-848E-8F7ADD986213.jpeg
    That’s my boy LOL
  5. Graydog

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  6. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    14 Teeth ! What can she eat ?
  7. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    This is Ziggy , He went to the Rainbow Bridge Yesterday
    He was 12 1/2 years old ,A long Hair Weimaraner
    He belonged to a Friend of mine and was the Grandfather to My Grace .
    He was an Amazing dog ,Here is His Full name
    each one of those groups of letters is a Championship of some kind .
    From Agility to Tracking He was Amazing Ziggy Flying.jpg Zig Weave Dec 2016.jpg
  8. I am in .Thanks .Do not own a dog.But have Amazon Parrots .This is Mikey I lost him last year to cancer.He was 47 years old .I still have his mate Greenie to keep me company .
  9. Rudy Vey

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    Now, pretty much everything she ate before. The first few days were hard, as she had a problem to get the food into her mouth because the lil front teeth (incisors) between the canines are gone (incl one less canine I have to say). But this morning she cleaned out her bowl in record time...We feed them all a mix of wet can food and some dry food - she didn't get any dry so far, but will get it tomorrow the first times mixed in with the can. Our vet says she is absolutely fine(still got some 20+ teeth, think 28 or so) and will be back to her normal self within two weeks; she lost the 12 incisors, a canine and one small molar. Dogs seem to much better than humans....a few years back, our Schnitzel had to have both eyes removed, and she was doing very well for at least another 3 years afterwards (just do not move the furniture in a different spot...).
  10. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Love it :)
  11. Great handles and pictures, thanks for sharing.
    Respectfully not in, maybe next time ;)
  12. These handles are absolutely stunning. I'm in!

    I dont have a dog, but my buddy's corgi is just too damn cute. He loves to sit on the laps of the people he likes. I am honored to be his chair whenever i visit his house. :a29:
  13. Definitely in! This is Dante, he's a small fluffy guy and loves walks (this was right after a walk )[​IMG]

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  14. I'm not in. I already have a Graydog pound. But after 4 years, I got a new buddy! We just rescued her about a month ago and she's still learning us. [​IMG][​IMG]
  15. mail.google.com.jpg

    My little girl... Palin.
  16. Ha. I worded that wrong. I meant that white Schnauzers are not very common. Not that you personally don't see the ones you know very often
  17. rockviper

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    Some very nice pooch-pics here. Last time I had a dog (Beagle) was in '84 before I left Newfoundland to head to college in Toronto after finishing high school.
  18. 20190119_123427.jpg
    Here are my rescue babies, Smitty is the red dog in back. He has been with us for 9 yrs. or so, we think he is 12 or 13. The English Mastiff is Willow, we've had her for almost two years. Smitty is possibly redbone, just like the dog in Outlaw Josie Wales! That keyhole is amazing, great work Steve!
  19. ajkel64

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    EE7475CE-1EF6-43B7-8A28-2ABB2AFA2028.jpeg I’m in. Here is my fur daughter Daisy. She is about to turn 14. She started loosing her sight due to cataracts last year. She has recently been diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Disfunction, or doggie dementia. We are struggling but we will hopefully be fine.
  20. Graydog

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    Grace doesn't like her picture taken

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