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    I would love to be in...

    No dogs here but I do have two cats. This picture is of my newest kitten, Wolfie.

    We adopted him a few months ago. He was a rescue. He was found in a garbage bag, in the back of a garbage truck. He was brought to a local rescue shelter where, at approximately 2 weeks old, was in pretty bad shape.

    This picture was taken a few days before we took him home. I cannot fathom how someone could do such a horrific thing to an animal... Especially one this cute. It breaks my heart.

    He's now doing great. [​IMG]
  1. This is Mikey. He likes to get close.

    brown bull dog close.jpg
  2. I think it's ridiculously adorable when cats stick their tongues out like that.
  3. Lol. He does it a lot, too. He's the most lovable little thing... Very sweet and affectionate.
  4. I am in.
    Although he is no longer with us, we will always keep beautiful memories in our hearts.
  5. Rudy Vey

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    I hear you. We had one of our dachshunds diagnosed some 11 years ago with the same, CCD. It was really sad to see him go down this road. He wandered the house all times of the day/night, and always seemed to be lost, not remembering what he was going to do. Very similar to a human that suffers from dementia or Alzheimers. The last 3 months were really bad for him. We got then our Woofie as a 3 month old puppy. After we had Woofie, BooBoo went over the rainbow bridge within two weeks, it was a relief for him. We had him some 10/11 yeas, and went he went, he was about 16, which is a nice age for a dachshund. Now, and this is really disturbing us, is that Woofie shows the very first signs we saw in BooBoo...
  6. Graydog

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  7. rockviper

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    Some things are just plain wrong. :lol1:
  8. mrlandpirate

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    you can almost read their minds LOL
  9. I think my daughters have dresses like that...

    But I can't really say anything. I paint my dog's nails pink!
  10. In, please, as an admirer of Graydog's work.
    Much as we all love dogs in our family, we don't have one...yet. It might happen soon, though.
    Meanwhile, we have this sweet little hamster.

  11. I'd love to be in... I've never had a dog, and have been dying to get one but the wifey says it won't work as long as these two terrors are around.
  12. emwolf

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    at least they can share a bed
  13. I'm in.

    I grew up with two amazing dogs.

    A funny story about them takes place on a thanksgiving night many many years ago.

    Our two little dogs used to run around and had so much energy. Well, my Grandmother felt that as members of the family they deserved a plate just as we all did. Everything was the same, gravy, cranberries, Mac and cheese, everything...including the portions!!

    Well, our dogs ate, and ate, and ate. Eventually they both collapsed on their sides. They were so full they could not take another bite. When we called their names, instead of running like normal, they would only move their eyes (not even their heads) and waggle their tails.

    It wasn't until the next day that they were up and running. Thinking of that makes me laugh still.
  14. emwolf

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    that's hilarious
  15. That's about as peaceful as you'll see them together. The black and white one is a lot younger and wants to play and engage with the older one a lot, and she wants nothing to do with it. There's a good amount of hissing, swiping, and running away that happens in our house... mostly its the cats :001_cool:
  16. I'm in and this is Harry lol!
  17. There are evil people and there is a special place in hell for them!

    I wish ancient justice was still available, things like a gibbet should be ard for terrorists, child rapists and abusers of animals!
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