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    That is a stunningly beautiful brush.
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  2. Thanks

    He ended up just being my pet. He was too sweet for bite training.

    I was not a handler but I worked with a lot of dogs. I mainly did rescue work. I have had up to 6 dogs in a helicopter at one time. It can get quite interesting.

    Those days are over for me as I am retired now. I am going to get another dog eventually.
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    What was His name ?He was beautiful .
  4. His full registered name was Two Tooey Blue. I called him Tooey.

    There were 4 male pups in the litter. I was playing with and observing them all and, in order to tell them apart, I used some masking tape on their ears numbered 1-4. Guess which number he was?

    We are all biased towards our pets, but he truly was a gentle creature.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that. I absolutely love dogs. It would devastate me to loose either of my dogs. Hell it's killing me not being able to see them right now as life circumstances have someone watching them for my fiance and myself while we are unable to have them. I just stare at pics of them on my phone and it tears my heart apart. I couldn't imagine what you are feeling.
  6. @Suhrim21

    Thanks for the thoughts.

    The good news is that there will be another dog in my future when I retire from my now second career. Pets of all kinds make our lives brighter.
  7. @TimeOnTarget

    They absolutely do make our lives brighter. They are not pets they are family. It doesn't matter how bad of a day you are having, how upset you are, how sad you are. They are always there excited to see you, always loyal, always there for you to bring you up.
  8. That is very sexy looking. The man is an artist.
  9. Received knot from Maggard Razors today, not set it yet.
  10. Great choice. I usually prefer the look of a bulb knot, however the fan mirrors the shape of this handle wonderfully.
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    I like the look of the fan in it
    Is that a SHD knot?
  12. I was hesitant about the knot shape, I have a 26mm bulb knot, but finally decided for the fan knot exactly because it mirrors the handle's shape.
  13. It looks great with the fan knot.
    No, it is the regular 2 band fan knot.

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