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    So pretty
  1. Mine thinks she is a super model ...




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  2. @Smedley5 Those are some incredible pictures.

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  3. Great photos!
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    just for fun
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  6. upload_2019-3-22_12-32-1.jpeg
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  8. 48088542_880801418977805_7217078824461139968_o.jpg

    This is (was) Ivan the Terrible. 17 years old, no teeth, almost blind, and absolutely fearless. He would attack anything. He also lost every fight he was ever in. When he wasn't being a little pr!ck, he was a jerk. A lovable little jerk nonetheless. He was a rescue dog. We enjoyed his company for about 5 years. I swear he could hear a sparrow fart on the far side of the lake. He would then take off at a flat run (chihuahuas are fast little buggers) towards the lake with a steady stream of high pitched barks. He must breathe through his ears because there is no break in the noise. Occasionally he would run into the water (don't forget he's almost blind).
    My previous dog was a border collie. He was so smart I swear he could have done my taxes. Opposite ends of the doggie intelligence bell curve. Loved them both.
    Respectfully, not in.
    PS. Ivan is behind bars for obvious reasons.
  9. We have 2 Chihuahuas, ours are pretty good most of the time. They sure do pack a lot of personality into such small packages.
    BTW I've been meaning to ask, what razor is that in your profile picture.
  10. Lol! This post made my day.
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    Puppys playing ,Grace and Her Brother (Grace has the pink on)she was about 60lbs and Cody was about 80lbs
    that was a year ago 20170603_151233.jpg
  12. I made a different handle for a Futur clone that changed it to a bottom adjust.
    Here are a few threads with pics:
    Custom clone
    Independence Day/Canada Day Pif. Custom clone #2 -the BFR
  13. Short story about my border collie Romeo. We called him Romeo because he would hump anything, regardless of species or gender. He was a rescue dog too. For about a year before my heart attack, Romeo would often push his nose into my chest and inhale/exhale a few times when he greeted me. I saw it as a sign of affection. The day I came home from hospital after my heart attack, he did the same thing. He sniffed a few times more than usual, then stepped back and snorted. He never did it again.
  14. Heres 2 pictures of my Chilly Dog. She'll be 4 years old this November. Time flies! I'm in as well, eh? IMG_0661.JPG IMG_1215.JPG
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    Not a scratch on either dog after their play date :)
  17. So my phone has a small screen...

    Having said that, is your dog smoking, lol?

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