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NOCvember 2023 - No Open Combs in November. Only teeth allowed are those we see when you smile!!


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.

Last night’s excessive shave
RazoRock Super Slant Lvl 3
Shark Platinum (3)
Blackland steel Blackbird OC
Lord Super Stainless (2)
Damp facecloth aka “shave binky”
Mühle “Large” 23mm Silvertip Fibre brush
Pre-shave: Al’s new (old) lathering method
Lather: ARKO!, face-lathered
Aftershave: Ulm Nom
Post shave: warm shower

My Super Slant flew around my face wiping off whiskers everywhere except for parts of my jawline, the sides of my throat, and the bottom of my chin. I “knew” it was as simple as finding the correct angle or direction, but I couldn’t find it.

In frustration, I broke with NOCvember and used my Blackbird. It cleaned my jawline and most of the spots between my windpipe, but the bottom of my chin is still a bit rough.

Time for aftershave: in fumenti alcohol est veritas. Also, re vera dolor est

Thank you for hosting this event, @Guido75 !
Sneaked in a final November shave with the Ti'Bird, SOC Boar, Mike's Barbershop and a fresh GSB.


Have a nice day, y'all! 😀👍
NOCvember 2023 SOTD

Brush: Simpson Wee Scot 13/42
Soap: Erasmic
Razor: 1940s Gillette Flat Bottom Tech on custom tortoiseshell handle
Blade: Gillette 7o'clock Black (2)
ASL: Clubman Musk

A brilliant shave. :biggrin:

A BIG THANK YOU to Guido for hosting NOCvember again, and to all the participants for the great photos and comments. :001_cool:

Happy shaves guys. :cornut:
Most welcome @Cal - see you next year! And I assume that you will return to your grail razor now!

A new razor just arrived at my doorstep and I think I will do a Cal-inspired shave routine by using this for a consecutive number of shaves. This will prolong NOCvember somewhat - so I might need to sneak in that Single Ring I scored recently as well.


Last shave of NOCvember, thank you @Guido75 for organizing!

It's been a month of easy and comfortables shaves, really put the "safe" back in safety razors!

Ending with a new to me razor GC68 (thanks @Balin ). Smooth and safe, 90% Tech level, which means 90% perfect!
View attachment 1756215

It's even shinier than when I sent it!! lol, I need to up my polish game. I am glad it made to you safe and sound!! Enjoy!

Most welcome @lasta and enjoy that razor!! Way to go @Balin - taking Lasta off the Tech path, some nerves you got!

Enjoy lads!


I tried, lets see if it takes! 🤣
NOCvember 30th:

Rex Ambassador/Lord Platinum (4th)
Stirling Christmas Eve/30mm Tuxedo
Mentholated Witch Hazel
Old Spice Aftershave (Homebrew)
Avon Fire Musk Balm/Lotion
Old Spice Cologne

Another great 2-Pass BBS with the Rex/Lord combination. Smooth, without a hint of a weeper, nick, or cut in sight.

Final NOCvember shave, with 22 of 22 shaves without an OC in sight. Maybe I'll break out the R41 for tomorrow. :)

Raven Koenes

My precious!
Razor: Lupo 95 SB
Blade: Shark SS (6)
Pre-Shave: Proraso Green
Soap: Van Der Hagen Whiskey Tabacco
Brush: Omega Evo 2.0
Aftershave: Reuzel Wood and Spice

Shaving with my Lupo 95 OC and Shark SS has been a great way to end the month. It's been fun. Thank you, Guido, for hosting NOCvember!
365 daily shaves
Lasta’s Blade Stash09/32

Mühle Rocca R94Gillette Silver Blue (5)Mühle Rocca R94 Silvertip
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Proraso Green preshave
Alpha Men 2.0
(Aventus clone)
Cold splash

PassesWTG XTG ATG and touch up
(details here)
Quality / My process
8/10 (~20m)10/10 (Clean)
EffectivenessComfort / Blade condition
8.5/10 (DFS++)
10/10 (GlideFest)


I couldn't stop with NOCvember cold turkey so I squized in a head shave!

Summary - Superb maiden head shave with the Rocca razor and brush. Absolutely wonderful.

For extended shave notes click here.

Enjoy your shave!
Late 1940's NDC Super Speed / GSB – Amazingly smooth and mild yet a DFS. You can whip this around with no worries! Similar to a 41 Ranger Tech but not quite as close. First time using any SS except a red tip as I never wanted one because they sounded too mild, but since the no date code ones are supposed to be less mild I decided to give it a shot. I like it! Thanks to @Guido75 for organizing this and everyone participating and their beautiful razors.
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