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Razor wars - Blackland Blackbird versus Timeless Ti95 SCL


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@Guido75 the insane tax, vat, fee collection of the EU is also what prevented me from getting more USA made razors and the Blutt from Switzerland. Canada/RazoRock used to be better, but no longer. So I get most of my stuff from within the EU and China these days. And don't get me started about the United Kingdom <-> EU private business. 🤪

This said, a Blackland Vector in polished steel plus stand and another Timeless cap, so that I no longer have to swap baseplated for Slim OC and .95 OC, are high on my list.

Next shave is with my Athena 316. I still favor the open comb of the Ares somewhat, the Athena just has the looks, even if the Ares is also a shiny jewel.

P.S. for you a Timeless .95 OC plate is also something to think about if you like the .95 SCL so much.
Guido75, I am forced to update my previous position about the Blackbird Ti and where it is positioned in my razor rotation. Since that review I have been using the Lambda Ares and Athena, the La Faulx and the Rex Konsul. The BB is a good razor but, for me, it hasn’t been used in quite sometime. It just doesn’t reach the level of the other razors in my den. Please know that when I say that I mean it doesn't give me the same combination of efficiency and comfort as the others. Unless that changes, the BB Ti will probably be on the BST soon. Time will tell.
I look forward to seeing the listing.
You should get the OC plate for Timeless and the Blackbird Titanium. 😀✌️

If Ti is transformative for the Blackbird, the OC plate for Timeless is also a marvel. It has all the usual advantages of an OC plate but the rounded, inward bent teeth make sure it stays smooth and protective at the same time.
@Iridian, Which OC plate would you recommend, the.68 or the.95?
I find the Blackbird quite mild, but you must ride the cap, not the bar. Shallow, not steep. I know some forum members insist on using it steep and I am puzzled by this. It is even more apparent that the razor wants a slightly more shallow angle with the OC plate.
I agree. When I follow the razors natural geometry, slightly favoring the cap, I get an incredible shave.
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