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League of Extraordinary Mild Shavers

I'm in... Pictured here are a Weshi, Ball End Tech, and both long and short handled Super adjustables set at 3.
Not pictured are my 40's Super Speed and Slim as they're both out for replating.

My first DE razor and consider it to be very mild compared to my Schick Injector.

(Stock photo)

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No photos, but I'm a mild-shaver fan. My Slim Adjustable stays set on '1'. I do have a quick question about Techs. For Christmas I got two Travel Techs (wife and mother didn't cross check my list). Most posts on this site indicate this is an extremely mild razor. I haven't found either of them to be very mild. I bought a Ball End Tech before the New Year, and it wasn't mild either. Comparing the blade gap to my Slim, the Techs are much wider, equal to about a '5'. Am I missing something here?
60s techs are very mild. But even those are not as mild as a slim set to 1. I can't even feel a shave with my slim on 1. I'd say a typical late Tech is about a 2.5 or 3 on a slim. Prewar techs are about a 3 to 3.5 on a slim. Maybe 4 tops. That's my experience anyway.
Oh, forgot to mention that it did take a little bit of adjustment for me to get a good shave with a tech. I went from Super Speeds and a Slim to the Tech, and my first couple of tries were weeper city. There's a different angle required than a TTO. And because a Tech is very light you need to resist the urge to apply pressure. Once I got the hang of a Tech, it's become one of my favorites, and now I have about 10 of them.
I own a modest amount of vintage Gillettes, including adjustables but the ones I use for 90 percent of my shaves are my Techs.

I value them for their mildness and simplicity..... paired with a sharp blade they are as good if not better than the more aggressive razors.

Presently, I am thinking about using my Techs exclusively from now on..... and learning to be a shave minimalist.
I now own 3 vintage Gillette's from '64. I have used my Tech ball end once so far and enjoyed it. It is comparable to my Merkur 34c. I have also used my Slim just once so far, started on 1 and couldn't feel it cutting so went to 5, then backed it off to 3. I would say the Tech would be compared to a setting of about 4 on the Slim. You could try using the Tech so the blade is at a less of an angle on the face(handle further from face), that might help. It seems to be a little lighter than my 34c so I had to tell myself not to apply pressure. I have only recently started this venture into DE, soaps and a brush. I have a total of 6 different kinds of razors in the house so maybe have a hard time distinguishing the difference between a mild razor but here is how I rate them.

Slim adjustable set on 1 and probably setting 2(not much cutting ability)

Disposable twin blade- quite mild based on my other razors

I would say the Tech Ball end, the Merkur 34c, and the Slim set on 3 to 4 are all about the same and I would consider these on the mild side.

Slim set at 5 and up- I have only used it on setting 5 and would still consider it on the low end of aggressiveness. I have not used it beyond 5 since I only used it once.

Shick Injector J1- this to me I would consider at the high end of being aggressive. The gap between the blade and the safety bar is somewhat wider than the Tech set at 9. I had been using it for my 7 day beards and it has been hard on the face over the last 15 plus years.

I also have a Gillette SS that I have not tried but by the looks of it I would say it should compare to the Merkur and the Tech.
I'm absolutely in. After going crazy last year buying and trying different razors, I've learned the following: I strongly prefer DE to either SE or straights. The injectors are the only non DE razors that I find shave me as remotely well as a DE but they don't have enough blade varieties to keep me happy.

And among the DE, I prefer TTO to 3 piece and mostly milder ones. Slim and Fatboy set at 3 or 4 are my favorites, with the setting lowered to 2 for the touchups and smoothing. Super Speeds, Kronas, and Milords come next. And last but not least are the various varieties of Tech. Modern razors need not apply, although conceivably I would really enjoy the Feather ASD2 since I think the Feather Popular is a fantastic travel razor. But not willing to lay out that kind of dough for something that would not make me any happier than my vintage pieces.
I've been loving the RR Baby Smooth over all others lately. I'm getting great shaves and it seems to have nearly eliminated my ingrowns. It struggles with more than a day's growth but otherwise it is the smoothest razor I've used. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of most of my other razors.
Just shaved with my '64 Tech loaded with a Personna Med Prep , shave #12...

I have downsized to this one razor, out of my modest collection of razors which honestly are all excellent shavers.

No irritation at all and BBS all the way!! Less is more!
I don't have a family portrait, but my three razors are an Edwin Jagger DE89, a '70 Super Speed, and a '70 Super Adjustable with a Feather blade set at "2".
The US postwar Tech has quickly became a top razor for me. Before the Tech, I was using open comb razors, particularly NEWs. I stumbled back upon the Tech because I had a bump on my head and needed to go mild for my head shaves so it could heal. Now I'm using a postwar Tech for both my face and head shaves. I have US prewar and postwar, Canadian prewar and postwar, and England made '50, same as US postwar. I sold my England made flat bottom. I prefer the postwar Tech design from any of the 3 countries best, with a fat handle or my gold Silver Star handle.

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