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Aggressive Razors, Lotsa Blade Feel And Your Face...

Well term mean different thing to different people. Find Razor, Blade you like result with, if your not picket could be Vintage Price Point Razor, not big buck super Razor.

May I am wrong but simple is good, simple and efficient rocks.
Not a fan of "aggressive" razors. My preference, as it has developed, is for mild/medium razors (as I judge them) with a sharp blade (as I judge them).
Basically, I'm not crazy about a lot of blade feel. I don't like feeling as if I'm dragging a piece of shale across my face, not matter how close the shave is.
I started out liking aggressive razors but since then I have dialed it back a little to medium aggressive razors. I like to feel the blade. Right now the razors I use are a Leaf Thorn and a Gillette NEW LC.
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