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How do you rotate your razors?

What is your razor rotation method?

  • I use a different razor every day

  • I change razors when the blade needs changing

  • I have a regular razor, and occassionally use something different

  • I do something entirely different

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Do you shave with a different razor daily, a la Leisure guy (and if you do, how do you keep track of the number of shaves on the blade?). Maybe you use the same razor until the blade needs to be changed. Some of you might have a favorite, and change it up only on weekends or only occassionally. I know some of you have a rotation I haven't listed. Please tell us about it.
I usually change my razors once a week and my blade twice a week.....most weeks. Sometimes change the razor mid week if I fancy a change. The one that gets swapped out gets cleaned and polished ready for next use.
I often use the same razor. If I change, it's once a week when I change the blade. Too much work to use a different one every day.

Right now, I alternate weekly between a British #66 and a 1950 Aristocrat.
A different razor every day; two shaves from a blade - and I move the blade from one day's razor to the next.

Different soap/cream every day, too.

Different AS/ASB, too.

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I pretty much do what Jon does, a different razor every day but the same blade for about 4 shaves. I also use different brushes, soaps, Witch hazel, ASB and cologne. I normally have 9 or 10 razors in my rotation but when I want something a little different I'll go into my collection and use a single ring or a Bostonian or a Big Fellow but always an open comb. That's the fun of it. A lot of fun.

i like to use a razor until im happy with the shave i get from it and then start on another, when ive finally worked my way through my collection ill work out a rotation and will almost certainly use a different razor every day or perhaps 2 days.
I use my antique AR turntable. 33-1/3 works fine, but the lighter razors I favor tend to slide off at 45rpm.

These modern CD players just don't do as good a job.
I used to have 2 or 3 razors loaded above my sink but nowadays I use my go-to razor most of the time and whenever I feel like it I take out another one.
Some razors I loved to use hardly do any service anymore; 3 out of 14 razors are still in regular use (sort of) and the rest is happy with one blade per year.
Early on was a bit OCD and had my razor rotation hardwired, (i.e. razor A on Monday, B on Tuesday, C on Wednesday, etc.). Too much work. These days I just kinda go with whatever I really feel like shaving with for that day. Occassionally I'll stay with a given razor or type of razor for a full week (i.e. week of Tech, week of Micromatic, etc.) but that's the exception and not the rule.

My blade rotation is similarly simplistic. Since my face razors all seem to be SE at the moment, I simply change the blade every Saturday and call it good. Haven't figured out what to do if I add a double edge to the mix. I may need to keep track of how many shaves each blade has and change them after 7 (I hot box a single blade through all my razors until it gets changed so that only 1 blade is in play at a time)


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Change razor and blade once a week on Friday night for a Saturday am shave.
Razor going out of rotation gets cleaned and stored Friday night.
I change razors on whim, so there is no method to my madness. Same goes with blade selection, I pick whatever I feel like, whatever seems interesting. I listen to what my face and the blade are telling me. I am the blade whisperer.
Generally change razor when I change the blade, about every 4-5 days. There have been times when I used the same razor for 2-3 weeks. I guess it's kind of a random thing.
Pretty much random at this point. Early in my switch to the DE, I would use the same razor for a week or more at a time. Lately it's pretty much random selection...
Different one every day. The main ones are:

Merkur Futur
Merkur Vision
Rooney DE
58 Gillette TV Super Speed
?? Gillette Red Tip (can't remember the date)
74 Gillette Black Handle Super Speed
Does anyone use two razors for a single shave?

I have a slim adjustable that I use on my cheeks and sometimes use a Superspeed for under my bottom lip and neck. They seem to have seperate strengths for me. My neck and lower lip seem tough to get close with most razors. Probably my technique is still lacking...but different parts of my face seem to respond better to different DEs.

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