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  • Hi Dave,
    I really enjoy your YouTube videos. I have always admired the clean-shaven appearance of men in WWI era photos, and I've always wanted to duplicate it. That is what attracts me to traditional wet shaving. I think your video with the bow tie really captures that time period, and it is obvious that you are achieving great shaves. We all learn a lot from you posts on razors and blades, but I am wondering what soaps, creams and brushes complete your personal shaving routine? I am especially interested in the set ups that works best with the 1912, or closely duplicates what men of the time period would have used.
    I found a NOS Micromatic open comb in case with a paper blank blade and a hanging tag that said to lay flat on face. If interested PM me and I can give you address and phone number, etc.
    Hey, what happened to the Youtube link. I need to consult it. I luckily go a Gem Jr. With the lovely cut out "G" in the metal work. The Blade Guard doesn't swing down tightly on the blade, its a bit loose.
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