Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

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    Killing me. I have the same sitch. But Father's Day is coming up and that's a good window of opportunity! :)
  1. Yes, we must be very tactical when one lives with a minimalist!
  2. Anybody remember the Skin Bracer Gift Collection? I remember this from high school in the 80s. Saw it for $50 on eBay. Scents include: Moss (and what a moss color it was), Burnished Leather, Spice, and of course the Original Scent. It's a nostalgia thing for me but those good ol' cheap scents are what I like these days. Not gonna pay for old after shave but it would be cool if they bring 'em back. And glass bottles too. How civilized :)

  3. I wonder if they still smell good anymore.
    How do you know the bottles are glass? The listing doesn't specify.
    I saw a later 4-bottle holiday set which contained two bottles of the original scent, presumably because the Spice scent had been discontinued by then.
  4. @razorboi Here's the actual link I saw. You're right it doesn't say "glass" but I recognize those dents and remember they are from the glass bottles. There are some other listings on eBay with similar pix that do state "glass" in the description. Do they still smell good - who knows? I remember getting the gift set from my grandmother when I was around 16. Good times. Btw I do recall a blue-colored one. I'm sure that's out there too.
  5. And here's the set with the Cooling Blue one :)
  6. Thanks for the report. I too have since confirmed that the bottles should be glass from this period, and glass is critical to scent preservation. But at $50, that's over $13 for each 1.5 oz. travel-sized bottle, too much to pay for that amount of drug-store after-shave, and with no guarantee its still any good. The absence of any bar-code on the package dates it to the 1970's, early eighties at the very latest. Possibly worth it to a collector, but not to someone who would use them.
  7. I'm surprised the producers of the some of the old classics haven't brought back the "classic" versions with original packaging and original scents. Like Old Spice, Mennen, Brut, etc. Those of us who remember the old versions would be a perfect target market. They reboot old TV shows and movies, why not reboot the whole men's shaving/grooming products? I think they'd have a market.

    I don't have any actual old bottles of Old Spice, Brut, etc to compare the newer versions to, so just going from memory which can't always be trusted, but from what I've read from the people who have compared them, the formulas have changed. For sure the packaging has - from glass to plastic.
  8. I never used OS AS but used AS Cologne a lot in the 80's. Love the smell of it. Bought a new bottle of OS AS and I do not like the scent at all. Year before last I happened across a set of OS mugs and in the lot the seller had a vintage bottle of Cologne. My 20 to 30 year old bottle of OS cologne was just about empty so I couldn't help but jump on it. Wish OS had that scent in the AS that the old cologne had and I would be a happy camper. Last year picked up some Aqua Musk, another one I basically bathed in when I was younger, and I have to admit they have not changed it in 30+ years. Bad thing is the plastic bottle, I transferred it to a glass bottle so it doesn't deteriorate so fast.
  9. I've heard numerous complaints from Old Spice aficionados that the formula was considerably changed, and not for the better. As to the others still in production, it shouldn't surprise me, as formulas are known to change for economic reasons, or from the unavailability or banning of certain ingredients.
    Also, scents simply have a way of changing when the company that makes them is bought out, or the scent otherwise changes hands. The original producer of Old Spice was Shulton, who was bought out by Proctor & Gamble in 1990. The new version of the original scent became known as "Old Spice Classic." They also started to routinely package the scent in plastic bottles.
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    Vintage OS is awesome. Aftershave and cologne. Not hard to come by at reasonable prices, but the new Old Spice aftershave is fine if using another edt that you don’t want it to clash with...... I feel it’s fresher and less spicy. Less potent for sure.
  11. I think the only Skin Bracer scents that were ever in plastic are the original + Cooling Blue (I owned a few in plastic) and Cool Spice (which I ran into once in a store, but didn't buy). Also, the round lid confirms it as glass, as the plastic bottles have that weird rectangular cap that sort of twist/clicks off the spout.
  12. Insurrection II pure
  13. Good list. These are all amazing.

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