Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?

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    I can definitely understand that!
  1. I like Denim aftershaves a lot (except for the Green or "Wild" as they call it). Recently I bought a package of four bottles of Denim Black and two of Original (not to mention that I have two bottles of gold, one of which is in use, one of Original and one of Black that are also in use). The smells of the aftershaves are manly and bring back memories from my childhood. And the alcohol kick is there to wake you up after a shave. I always put on extra. It's cheap and pretty easily accessible in supermarkets and other grocery stores in Romania.
    The EdT is a whole different story. The scent is somewhat similar but I don't like it. It really smells cheap in a bad way and the bottom notes make me nauseous. There's something there that smells somewhat like puke. Not kidding.
    Very rarely wear it now and only when I know I'm not going to meet someone.
    Don't recommend it.
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    Love the vintage as well!
  3. I'd like to add another vote for Grey Flannel - Geoffrey Beane.

    Ridiculously cheap and I get great performance for the price.

    Perfect for work.
  4. Lalique Pour Homme EDP is incredibly good and can be found for under $30. It's like a classic cologne smell and is sometimes compared to Bois du Portugal by Creed.
  5. +1

    This is one of my favorites. Very classy and understated IMO.
  6. Frank Olivier Oud Touch. Wonderful long lasting scent. Can be had for less than $20.
  7. I would like to suggest Dior Fahrenheit. Although not exactly low cost, I can imagine that many here would probably enjoy it. The performance is quite good too. Most guys in the fragrance community really like this one a lot (myself included), but I would suggest getting your nose on this one before purchase. Some people will say that it has a very "petrol" or "gasoline" type smell. Personally, I do not think it smells like gasoline at all. YMMV with this though.

    Another manly fragrance that is very reasonably priced is Salvatore Ferragamo F Black. This one is great for that powerful businessman type image. Not offensive smelling in any way, very good performance, and reasonable prices online. I consider this a "safe" blind buy. Other great low cost fragrances I think would appeal to the members here are Burberry London, Nautica Voyage, Guess Man, and Tommy Bahama St. Barts.

    Without doing full summaries, I also recommend some more expensive fragrances such as Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gio Profumo (one of my favorites), Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Gucci Pour Homme II, Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense, Dior Eau Sauvage (not to be confused with Sauvage, these are not the same at all).
  8. I forgot to mention Arko Gold Power. It is an AS/Cologne but it does last a while and I really like the scent. It is supposed to be a Paco Rabanne Million knock off. Don't know what Million smells like but this stuff is nice. It is cheap and bad thing is I tend to get carried away when I apply it.
  9. Lots of older Avon scents that fit the bill. I'm a fan of Tai Winds and Leather. You can find them for less than a buck an ounce!
  10. Jovan Musk is similar to AV Musk. It's more floral, musky, and leathery and more complex/earthy overall. I love it and it's cheap! Some have said Walgreens sells it. I've used the AS mostly from an online purchase yet a few days ago found the EDC Spray at Marshall's for $6!
  11. Agreed. For a real treat, try a bottle of the vintage juice.
  12. Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

    $40 which isn't exactly cheap if you're looking for under $30 frags, but it's very budget friendly. A great clean smelling green fragrance. Suitable for spring and summer.
  13. Patrick is a perfect spring fougere. It can't be beat for the price IMO.
  14. I have a knockoff of Tom ford vanille tobacco that I absolutely love. I also have very sexy for him from Victoria's secret and wanted from azzaro that smell great as well.
  15. @lifted74 Ah I do remember the Grey Flannel. Seeing Geoffrey Beane also reminded me of their Bowling Green which I used to like back in the day. Anyone used to use that? Now-a-days I have reverted to the drug store options that I first tried in high school. Guess it's just a nostalgia thing - Aqua Velva, Brut, Old Spice. But I'm really enjoying Clubman Whiskey Woods lately. I didn't grow up with any Clubman products so they are all new to me and I dig them. And they are reasonably priced. Bam.
  16. I'm a fan of brut cologne in general.
  17. Hi,
    I'm pretty sure Dunhill Icon (silver bottle) would fit your needs. Is pretty long lasting has a really nice woody peppery smell, very classy. They also do the gift set containing aftershave balm and shower gel with 100ml of eau de parfum for £44 on Notino.co.uk it also comes with a shaving equipment bag too.

    I love the stuff, it gets very good reviews on YouTube and is not too expensive.

  18. Affordable is a relative term with fragrances! Here are some of my favorites that seem affordable to me, along with current prices on internet retail sites:

    Guerlain Vetiver, $25.99/3.3 oz.
    Guerlain Heritage, $45.49/3.3 oz.
    Davidoff Cool Water, $19.49/4.2 oz.
    Caron Yatagan, $31.84/4.2 oz.
    Versace The Dreamer, $28.59/3.4 oz.

    Depending how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, you can also find sites on the internet that sell inexpensive samples of almost any fragrance.

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