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Favorite Cheap Or Affordable Colognes?


Yeah, I keep coming back to it.

It's perhaps one of the more subtle 80's powerhouses, if it can even be called that.
I've tried One Man Show, Bogart signature, Oscar Pour Lui, Quorum, and several other inexpensive but classic 'manly' scents like Polo of several flavors, Pino Silvestre, etc. etc. and some are just a bit too much to inflict on other people even if I do like them, lol.

That reminds me, I have a mostly full bottle of Quorum that I should probably give away...
Vintage Polo Green is a favorite of mine too. You are correct about the power of the Polo. On a hot day it becomes radioactive! You can knock someone over with only a couple sprays. One has to be very careful with that sprayer.

There are quite a few Quorum fans out there. You would be a hit with that.
Well, maybe I'll have to do another giveaway for the Quorum. I might have a hard time saying goodbye to it though, lol.
Well, maybe I'll have to do another giveaway for the Quorum. I might have a hard time saying goodbye to it though, lol.
I've tried Quorum Silver but not original Quorum. I don't want to increase my collection size at this time, but I'd be open to a trade.
Cheap and affordable --
Jovan Musk
CHAPS Ralph Lauren -- gorgeous fragrance but I am not sure if they till make it. Personally, I think RL has made only one or two male scents better than CHAPS and they've made a lot of scents over the years.
I thought Dana Navigator was a decent, inexpensive copy of Cool Water.

I also think Brut is good as far as drugstore cologne goes.

Neither are overly faddish but neither are going to make you smell like grandpa.
Duru Kolonya Limon

Crusellas Kolonia 1800 is also very similar


They are just old-fashioned citrus colognes. In Turkey, colognes like Duru are given to guests to use on their hands as a sign of hospitality. So it isn't anything heavy or perfume like. And if you use it as aftershave, the burn is crazy.
This stuff here has been slowly but, surly winning me over. Good projection and sillage with longevity that goes into 8-10 hours. Added bonus is it's eau de parfum strength and super cheap for all the frugal fragrance connoisseurs out there...

Aubusson Homme under $20 for 1 ounce bottle. It a big classy fougere. Think ... gourmet version of clubman pinaud. It performs way beyond its cost.
Guerlain, Guerlain, Guerlain!

Habit rouge
L’homme ideal (all in series)
All in edt or edp

I think these are the most amazing male fragrances and I never have encountered anyone in my travels who use them. I own them all.