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My problem is clay soil and two oaks. I've resodded the yard twice but in both cases it all died within two years.
I kinda wish mine would. I mowed today. But, here's some good news about this Covid thing: I have been forced to wear a mask in publik, so I decided to try wearing one today while riding around in circles. AWESOME! Absolutely no allergic problems, and normally I am short of breath, itching, you name it.

Thanks for listening, lol!
I put on a surgical mask yesterday while making dust, ie, mowing. In spring through the first month of summer we had so much rain here in E. Texas after about 5 days it would be like mowing hay, now, the ground has dried up and since my yard is a lot of clay, starting to see signs of stress, the grass leaves are looking dehydrated. Strange I have one spot near a cedar tree that has centipede grass and it stays pretty green. The mask really helped and I think it will be part of my mowing attire in the future.