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CLOSED - Traveling Slim- Try before you buy - CLOSED


Lately there has been a lot of talk and questions about the Gillette Slim. I have one and find it a fine razor. I actually have two, one is my Birth year/quarter which I will use tomorrow, and the other I use in my rotation.
If you been following these on the Bay you know that the prices are going up. If you watch the B/S/T you know that these are snatched up quickly.
Is this razor worth the hype?
Are they better than the razor I own?
Will it make me weep in joy?
There is only one way to find out, TRY it. "But I don't want to invest in one just to find out." You may say. Have I got a deal for you. Since I have received so much from this community, I want to give back.

Here are the rules for this thread:

1. If you already have a Slim experience, please do not participate in this thread. It is for Slim newbies (you may have extensive non-Slim experience, but not Slim experience.)
2. To participate in this thread, you must meet the qualifications to sell items on B/S/T. (45 days a member and 50 posts).
3. Participation is for CONUS members only - to keep costs down and the razor moving to as many participants as possible.
4. Post in this thread that you would like to try the razor.
5. I will periodically put together a consolidated list in a single post.
6. PM me when you get the razor so I can keep the list updated.
7. Your cost in this is the cost to post the razor to the next person on the list. It is also your responsibility to PM that person to get their address.
8. You are responsible for cleaning/sanitizing the razor when you get it and before you send it out.
9. Please shave with it for about a week and then pass it along to the next person on the list. This is not your personal razor, so please don't keep it for more than a week. (I understand many of us travel so, if the razor arrives and you are out of town the time at your house may go a bit longer, but please be considerate of those after you on the list.)
10. Please post your experience with the razor in this thread. Did you like the Slim, hate it, plan to get one,what setting, what blade, etc.
(thanks shutterbug for letting me copy his rules)
This Slim is in good shape (actually better than the one in my rotation) It is marked J3, the numbers have some black left but it shined up really nice.
The Slim will be PIFed (not sure that's a word) to one of the participates.
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Actually I have a Black Beauty so I imagine the shave isn't much different. So I guess I won't jump on the list
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Great idea! I'd like to try it. I've not used any adjustable razors yet.

I'll send this out next week. I'll be interested in what you think. By the way, what razor are you using now?

Hopefully a few people will jump on this as we get the ball rolling
I primarily use an EJ DE89 right now, and I also have a 70's Super Speed. The timing on this is great, as I've never used an adjustable, but am looking to get one. In fact in another thread, I've been asking advice on whether to get a modern adjustable or a vintage such as a Fat Boy. This is a good chance to try out a vintage one.

Thanks for putting this together.
I guess everyone over 45 posts has a Slim. Very surprised.
I'll sweeten the pot and I'll PIF it away at the end of its journey to someone who participates.
I'm also surprised that there have been no other takers. Maybe one of the mods can change the title to include "PIF" - that should do the trick.

Anyway, as it stands now I like my odds :p
Slim went out today. Cmyoung use it the rest of this year and tell us what you think.

If a mod see this please add "PIF" to the title. Edited OP to reflect the PIF.
Looking for a more aggressive shave than a black handle super speed. Very interested in the adjustable. Please count me in!
Okay Quintero you are added. Cmyoung has it till the first of the year and then on to you. Make sure to post your thoughts and comparing it to your SS.
Welcome aboard.
Yay, another participant! I'm in the same boat, as currently my only vintage razor is a black handled Superspeed and I don't really enjoy it. My main daily shave is my EJ DE89, which I absolutely adore. Looking forward to trying an adjustable.
Wow, I'm very surprised there isn't more interest here too.

I think I recently qualified for B/S/T and I'd be interested in trying it.

I've used my 40's SS, a Ball-end Tech and currently steady with a Fat-Handled Tech to keep consistent as I work through different blades (I have collected quite the sampler). As all of these are reportedly pretty mild, I'm interested in the feel of an adjustable dialed up, also thinking of higher for WTG and dialing down for XTG/ATG.
Just wanted to say that this is a great idea! I love my Slim. That it's birth quarter is an added bonus.
Don't call it a PIF, because you won't get it back if you do :) "Travelling" is a goos description.

Good luck to all participants!
So here we go! Razor has been sent out.
1. Cmyoung- you keep it until the first of the year and then pass it on.
2. Quintero - You get to start the year off with the slim.
3. Redrider - it's coming.
Look forward to your thoughts and impressions of this fine piece of shaving technology.

I'm hoping that by time it gets to Redrider some others will qualify and hop on board.

I've never tried an adjustable and would like to try the slim.

I own an EJ89 and just today received a NEW SC, gotta clean it up so I can use it in tonight's shave. Adjustables and TTOs confuse me a bit, so it's great to get an opportunity to try one. I was in Shutterbug's Traveling OC so I got to try his OT and the Merkur OC, both great razors.
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