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[PIF] 1948 Aristocrat & Case

I'm in for this vintage piece of razor history.

I believe 1948 was the first year the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) added television broadcast to their operations which previously had been over radio only. I worked at an ABC affiliate station for a couple of years part-time as a teenager. Nothing fancy, I was a gopher basically, but I got to realize that the TV "celebrities" who reported the local news were very much middle-class people with the usual pressures about raising kids and paying bills.

I'm in for this vintage piece of razor history.

When I was growing up in the 50's, my dad shaved with an Aristocrat that looked just like this one. Dad started getting interested in trying a Norelco electric so he gave the Aristocrat to my older brother. Just before I was old enough to need a razor, my brother went off to College and took the Aristocrat with him and I never saw it again :concern: I ended up starting out with one of those Gillette Techmatic razors that had just come out.
I'm in for this vintage piece of razor history

On Jan 4 1948, Burma gained Independence from the UK. And I'm old enough to remember the days when there were signs alongside the highway where you would pass one sign and then another and then another to complete the little advertising jingle for Burma Shave :welcoming:
I'm in for this vintage piece of razor history!

Thanks for the generosity and the opportunity to participate.

As for me, I don't really have a connection to 1948. The closest would be that my parents were born around then, but not in that year.
"I'm in for this vintage piece of razor history." Wonderful PIF! I did shave with this razor once, suggested and borrowed from a friend's collection. Found it to be possibly the best vintage razor I've tried!


I shaved a fortune
My heart wants to have my name added to the PIF list, but my head tells me.... If you head down the Vintage rabbit hole, you'll be back where you started... In a razor buying frenzy.

I think this is a most generous PIF... so thank you, @Radimus , I'll graciously bow out. I hope the winner loves the way it looks and even more, the way it shaves.
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