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GIVEAWAY! Twisted entry PIF! Merkur DE

I have had this razor for several years now and it has served me well. I actually had won it on a PIF at some point on here and did not realize I had won that particular one until I couldnt figure out why a random razor showed up in the mail lmao. I have used no other razor until recently but I am not one to have several razors on deck. As it was given to me in generosity it shall be given again! I can't seem to do one of these in normal fashion so just to see who is paying attention here, in order to enter yourself simply type "Respectfully not in" should be an interesting twist lmao. I am not currently equipped to clean it as it deserves so please enter assuming full responsibility for cleaning it to shave ready for you! Thanks you all for being a part of this wonderful community!!!CONUS please!


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I'm so used to typing"respectfully not in" that I almost entered by accident!

The 23c was my first razor eight years ago and I loved it until I dropped it and the tile floor won.
Still, as @gpjoe said: Nice PIF, disrespectfully out.
I intend to let this run out the week then I will choose someone. So far I have:

1. jaro-101969
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