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Best Lavender Soap?

Thanks gentlemen, I'll take all of your suggestions under advisement. The votes for Ethos are pretty high so that may be the one I take the plunge on. There's a shortage of sincere, natural-smelling lavender products for guys out there and you've provided me with so many great options. Very much appreciated!
I currently have three lavender soaps that I'm using, and I've used several others in the past. I can't say that I have ever had a lavender soap that disappointed me. The ones in rotation now are the RazoRock that @Ron R posted about, the Cyril Salter that @emily666 mentioned and an old tallow Art of Shaving Lavender soap. For under $10 shipped to the US from Connaught, the Cyril Salter is truly a bargain.
It's been a while since my last purchase so I'm not up to speed with the newer stuff, but I enjoyed Mike's Lavender, Fine Lavender and C&S Oxford and Cambridge.
I just paid a visit to Razor Emporium in Phoenix. I picked up the Razor Emporium Small Batch Lavender.

Very low price at $12 for a nice 4 ounce plastic tub. Scent is fantastic.

The soap is one of the slickest I’ve ever used…..and I’ve tried dozens.

Highly recommended!!


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DR Harris makes an awesome lavender soap and shave stick. Performs great and has a medicinal/herbal lavender scent.
This is not intended to derail this thread which I am enjoying. That said, FYI, each year Sequim, Washington, US has a lavender festival during the Summer. And, while I did not see any shaving soaps for sale I did pick up several different types of lavender essential oil as well as some lavender hydrosol (which I used today as a matter of fact) in 2019. This drives home the point that there is no one single lavender scent. Lots of nuance here. I use my Colgate lavender essential oil which I bought in Sequim (pronounced Squim) to bump the amperage sometimes when I use a lavender shaving soap or aftershave. You are only limited by your imagination.
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