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Please give me some advice about Lavender and Rose soaps

Where I live, the famous 4711 Eau de Cologne has always been associated with older ladies dabbing some on before going to church on Sundays.

I checked the bottle. Nowhere does it say it's only intended for older ladies. In fact, it doesn't declare anything of that nature.

All I know is that it has a light citrusy scent that I like it. That's all I need to know. This whole 'masculine scent' or not, is rather sad.

You either like a scent or you don't. There's nothing more to it.
4711 is a classic. I love it….a long history but ironically not a long lasting scent.
I bought a 750 ml bottle for about £30… our locally produced gin is more expensive.
My old barber always had a bottle of 4711 cologne and would offer a splash to finish off a haircut or shave. The bottle and label looks quite manly to me.
Apparently the citrusy scent is also good for repelling mosquitoes.
I'm late to the thread and it's probably already been mentioned but Stirling Soap's Bergamot Lavender is really terrific.

I know it is not the popular thing to say within the era of all of the artisan soap makers, but the Art of Shaving Lavender cream is a super nice and deep lavender scent. But I know lavender is like sandalwood.. everyone has their own version. We all have our favorites.
Cyril L. Salter wild rose cream is really good. My fave of the rose scented creams.

+1 to the MDC Rose, Le Pere Lucien rose du pushkar, and Castle Forbes recommendations

Note: just saw that you're getting MDC. Nice choice. For lavender, I've been through a number of lavenders but CF is a great lavender EO scent.
Second the motion on Cyril R. Salter Wild Rose shaving cream. Really excellent lather and a pleasant mild rose scent.

Cyril R. Salter shaving soap, with the same base as D.R. Harris, also has an excellent scent that includes lavender.
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