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Please give me some advice about Lavender and Rose soaps


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Well I guess in this day and age of people having more than sensitive skin. We need to mindful of that only opinions that don’t make people uncomfortable are only allowed. But people should be aware of what people think of a product for good or bad. If something smells like women’s perfume and you’re ok smelling like that knock yourself out. Also having someone point out that it’s not a masculine scent might save a person money in not buying it.
It's got nothing to do with being sensitive or uncomfortable.
It's all about being rude, alleging that a smell makes someone masculine or not.
You can say you don't like scents or whatever without casting aspersions on others.
A truly masculine man doesn't have to rely on how he smells to be masculine.
Some might say that an irrational fear of "un-manly" scents or colors is a sure sign of a feeling of insecurity in that persons masculinity.
You've stated your opinion. Several times.
We get it. We understand your thoughts on it.
Now knock it off, here or anywhere else.


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Gentlemen, Badger & Blade has always promoted a friendly behaviour among its members and it's mandatory to respect others and their opinion. These are the foundations upon which this community has been built and what is famour for worldwide. This is what we want. This is what we like. Let's never forget it. Thank you.


My elbows leak
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Oddly enough, this topic has been raised before.

Lavender is a very traditional scent and is fine for a man. If you have any doubt do a search of Lavender and shaving and see how many hits you get of modern stuff.

The masculinity of a man is not defined by what he smells like, but rather by how he behaves.

In fact, it can be said that a man truly comfortable with his own masculinity wouldn't think twice about wearing a floral scent.

Wear what you want, and what you like.
I'd venture to say that a guy who can wear what some might consider a "feminne scent" is probably more secure in his masculinity than one who wouldn't wear it only because he considers it "feminine". Specifically excluding those who don't wear them because they don't like them or are alergic to them.

The whole feminine / masculine thing has been shoved down our throats by the advertising world who through market research has discovered that they can get more of our money if they sell similar items marketed towards men and women separately.

The pink Lady Gillette shaves every bit as good as a Superspeed, a good Rose Soap is a good soap, and DaVinci Water smells pretty good to me.

A real man is secure enough in his masculinity that he doesn't worry that some schmoe who isn't secure in his masculinity will think it isn't masculine. He knows better.
And so did John Wayne, who had a bottle of it in his shave kit.

Perhaps TOBS Lavender or T&H rose or even the tobacco flower scented Tabac.
A real man is so secure in his masculinity that even a floral scent can smell masculine. :w00t:

It's a myth.
There are people who can wear a floral scent and still be a "real man", and there are people who try to dress and smell "manly" and still remain insecure in their own masculinity.

Straw man argument. A woman with a beard who can kick my butt isn't feminine to begin with, and wearing a floral scent isn't going to help her with that.

The OP of the thread asked

John Wayne's dopp kit sold on ebay and contained a bottle of Lilac Vegetal. Yep. Lilacs. John Wayne isn't "man-ly"?

My post was in reply to another poster who asked

No fragrance "makes" one more or less of a man.

You speak of "perception" and that's not what this is about. The questions have been does a fragrance make one more or less manly. The true answer is that no scent can change ones masculinity.

In any case, no one can control what another person "perceives" - you might wear Hydrochloric Acid scent and have someone perceive it as feminine.
If you take a scent into the jungles of Borneo and ask the inhabitants who have not been raised in a culture similar to ours if that scent is "masculine" or "feminine" you won't get the expected answer.

If you sell Lavender Talc, some men won't buy it.
If you sell Lavender Talc for men, they will.
Same thing with certain colors.
If you are confident and secure in your masculinity, it doesn't matter, but not all men are.

Real men like you and I are secure enough in our masculinity to wear pink.
We exude so much testosterone that people asked about it later swear that we were wearing desert camo.


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Phil @luvmysuper , do you like the Lavender and Rose scent? I LOVE them entirely. Both have been used in perfumery for men and women since time immemorial. I remember my first visit in London back in 2008 at Trumpers where I was told that nothing identifies better the true English Gentleman than Rose fragranced grooming products!

P.S. I love pink shirts and ties, too!
TOBS lavender is a nice bright lavender scent, although to me it has a slight chemical smell.

It is a strong scent. I don't get chemical, but a faint pine (juniper?) note. Still nice.

I really like Stirling Bergamot Lavender. It gets a lot of use in the spring.

I've got the bath soap and use it for my pre-shave face wash. Very nice scent.

MdC Original has a lot of lavender.

Great soap.

Besides those above, I've used is Dr Selby, described as "subtle lavender", which is accurate. It lathers and shaves well, smells good, and doesn't cost a lot.

I've only tried two rose soaps: Trumper and MdC. I really like MdC, and PIFed the Trumper.


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Phil @luvmysuper , do you like the Lavender and Rose scent? I LOVE them entirely. Both have been used in perfumery for men and women since time immemorial. I remember my first visit in London back in 2008 at Trumpers where I was told that nothing identifies better the true English Gentleman than Rose fragranced grooming products!

P.S. I love pink shirts and ties, too!
Yes indeed!
Lilac as well. Lilac is probably my favorite floral scent.
St. Sue's Rose was amazing.
I shower post shaving so if my soap smells, the SENT is gone after showering, I have never been a sent person. I use Old Spice Stick Deordant to keep from smelling, but it does not make me smell like Dapper Dandy.
Dear gents,
Before pulling the trigger on CF Lavender, I want to ensure consistency.
CF is a "cream" rather than a "croap," just like DR Harris or TOBS cream.
Am I right?
When using DR Harris or TOBS cream, I scoop a little cream into my brush rather than load it directly.
In my experience, extra water makes cream disappear quickly.
Thank you all.

I appreciate your valuable opinions.

While CF is technically a cream, IMO it behaves more like a soft croap. It's a great performer.
Castle Forbes has a strong true lavender smell. That is what I would use if looking for pure lavender.

One of favorite creams is OneBlade lavender. This cream is amazing in performance and scent. I get a lot of compliments and inquiries when I wear it. FYI - I am a stereotypical US male that enjoys smoking meats, drinking bourbon, fine cigars, American football etc. I am more shocked than anyone how much I enjoy lavender shaving products, but I would never hesitate to use them especially this cream.

Here is a good review of OneBlade lavender: OneBlade Black Tie Shaving Cream Review (Yes, It’s That Good) - Sharpologist - https://sharpologist.com/oneblade-black-tie-shaving-cream-review/
Maybe I will get CF or GD Lavender.
Is GD Lavender dark-sided?
If my memory works, some gents reported GD English Lavender tends to be dark.
Thanks a lot.

Grooming Dept Lavender is not dark sided unless you consider lavender essential oils to be dark. English Lavender is like a Lavender Lemonade. I just finished up a jar of GD Lavender and still have some English Lavender. At this point, I am not sure where you would find either one except on BST. Grooming Dept has morphed into Aion Skincare and has introduced a number of new scents/soaps. I have not tried any of them yet but am hearing good reports. I also am not sure whether any fit within your lavender or rose criteria and others who have tried them may want to chime in.

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I'm curious to hear from @Vincentchou about what he thought of the rose and lavender soaps he chose. There are many great ones and I always enjoy hearing what other members think about various products to inform my own choices.
Where I live, the famous 4711 Eau de Cologne has always been associated with older ladies dabbing some on before going to church on Sundays.

I checked the bottle. Nowhere does it say it's only intended for older ladies. In fact, it doesn't declare anything of that nature.

All I know is that it has a light citrusy scent that I like it. That's all I need to know. This whole 'masculine scent' or not, is rather sad.

You either like a scent or you don't. There's nothing more to it.
Rose, Lavender and a Limes are my all time favorite scent profiles. What is more old school British wet shaving than that?

Grooming Department has performance and scent in spades. GD is a top performer for me.

MdC Rose and all other single notes scents are all worth the price IMO. Simple and clean.

CasteForbes Lavender is still one of the best lavenders I still use for a night shave.
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