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Badger & Blade Tea Pass

Are the rules for the tea pass outdated enough to add me to the list or is a 300 post count still enforced? =P
The post quota is really to ensure that the folks participating are going to be active members of the forum as opposed to someone that logs in once a month or so. This provides some assurance that the individual can be reached for PM or other communications. However, I would be willing to make an exception when your post count exceeds 100. PM me and I will add you to the list.

Hey Steve!

I would also liked to be added to the list if you could make another exception. I just placed another order of Pu-erh earlier, and I cannot wait for it to get in.
I am separating the Lapsang Souchong from the rest of the other tea...tea box. It is smelling up all the other teas. Every tea I opened and smelled....smelled like it. I think we should leave scented teas out of this personally. Even the jasmine pearls are strong. No offence to whoever put them in!
It's a crying shame that the box will be less than 10 miles from me and I'll not get to rifle through it's oh so delicious contents again. :crying:
It's been hiding in my mail box (no key).

It is now in my possession. What's the ettiquette regarding the box btw?
It's been hiding in my mail box (no key).

It is now in my possession. What's the ettiquette regarding the box btw?
The basics went something like this:

1) Drink the tea.

2) If it will take you longer than two weeks to taste all the stuff you are interested in, bag up samples and get the box moving again.

3) Add tea to the box. It doesn't have to be a perfect 1:1 of "tea taken":"tea put in" but you probably shouldn't take 6 ounces and drop in a 15g sample.

4) Label the tea you add. Put your username or some abbreviation of it on the bag. Things I've added are labeled with Argh. It's really handy when you find something you like.

5) Makes sure that the tea you add is in a sealed baggie. Sometimes that won't even be enough to prevent a strong tea from flavoring others.

6) Post reviews, notes, thoughts, or complaints about the teas you taste.

I don't think any of this has been written down before and they aren't "rules" as much as guidelines for a successful tea pass. :001_smile
Thanks Argh. That is a great summary of most important stuff, some of which was in the first post in the thread. If possible, I would like to encourage folks to take some samples out and put some stuff back in within a week of receiving the box. This just allows it to circulate a bit faster. I will be reorganizing the list when I get the box back so that it does not criss cross the country so much. This will make shipping times shorter and help the movement of the box too.

Thanks to all that have participated!


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I'n not really interested in joining this passaround (I've tried so many blends already), but I have stuff I can add to the box. If someone can send me the address of its next destination, perhaps I can send some samples there to meet up with the main box.
So many teas and I've been slow to taste! Please allow me another week. Also, I PM'ed for the next address.