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Anyone try the Mr. C?

And no, I'm not talking about Happy Days (or am I?). Just ran across the Mr. C Injector Shaving Razor and its cousin, the Hess Ezy Shave Injector, both for about $40 shipped from Amazon.

As you can see from the listings, they're shavettes that take injector blades... which seems to put them in Feather/Kai territory for a healthy fraction of the price (with marginally easier to replace blades). Since the Mr. C is made in Japan, you'd think it would take a Feather blade as well. Of course, none of these things matter if the razors shave like crap.

Anyone have any experience?

All I use for my straights are the disposable blade type razors. In looking at the one you've pictured, it reminds me of the Dovo shavette which I found to be a really bad razor. The Parker straights, the SRW, SRB, or the stainless model are much better.

I wouldn't put the Mr. C in the same class as the Kai or Feather straights. The Kai and the Feather are both very high quality razors, and their cost reflects this. The Parkers are very good quality straights at a much lower cost, and with practice give a very nice shave. The Parker's would be a good place to start, and if you find them to your liking, then a move to either the Feathers or the Kai would be your next step. :001_cool:
Since the Mr. C is made in Japan, you'd think it would take a Feather blade as well. Of course, none of these things matter if the razors shave like crap.

I presently own a Mr C. razor. I got it from Atlanta Barber Supply, for $24.95 plus shipping. Much better pricing than Amazon.

I was looking for a shavette style razor that would hold a Schick Injector blade, as I have a huge stockpile of blades from the recent group buy.

The two choices are this, and the Monsieur Charles both made in Japan. I started out with the Monsieur Charles, which I immediately hated: the blade holder is about the length of a regular straight, but the Schick blade only occupies half this length. This means that the razor ends up shaving lather from your face with the part of the holder that has no blade exposed!! Horrid design!

The Mr. C razor will take either a Schick Injector blade, or the Feather blades. The blade is held in place via a heavy slide out holder:


This holder actually gives the razor a decent amount of weight. As you can see the blade is held in place via nubs that interlock into the slots in the blade. The Schick blade uses only the front most two nubs, while the Feather blade engages all three. There is an additional nub that prevents the blade from falling out of the holder.





The overall quality is decent, about what one would expect in a $25 razor. That's to say, it's not the work of art that is a Feather/ Kai, but it will certainly get the job done.

After buying this razor, I also purchased a Kai Captain Excelia, and discovered that it can use a Schick Injector blade quite easily as well, making the Mr. C Razor surplus.

I believe this is the same/similar to the Monsieur Charles razor found here:

Similar in that they are both Shavettes that use a Schick Injector blade, but nowhere near identical. I think the Mr. C razor is the superior choice of the two razors. Here are a few pictures of the Monsieur Charles for comparison. It loads by means of a sliding door-like compartment:


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Thanks for the detailed review, John. :thumbup1:

As I suspected, there's no shortcut to quality when it comes to the disposable straights. Back to saving up (which would be easier if I would only stop buying X, as the old B&B refrain goes).
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