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September is SABREtember! - Shavettes & Barber Razors (1st-30th Sept 23)

Barbury's shavette with Rubie blade (2).


Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
Sorry folks I have been slacking, even had a shave and forgot to put it on here.

Tonight's shave was
Razor= Type 77
Blade= Cloud #1
Brush= Vie-long Horse hair
Soap= Tabac
Aftershave= Pashana

Started of with the Tondeo with the blade on its 3rd outing. It felt a bit tuggy I already had a blade in the Type 77 so I went with that. The first time I tried the Cloud blades I didn't like them they didn't feel as sharp as the Rhinos. Tonight the blade felt fine, the shave was a CCS, no irritation.
Wednesday 27th September

A very early start this morning and a long day of post-op checks for my wife. No light for a photo this evening but hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow!

Brush 22mm Tux Synthetic
Soap Nivea Sensitive Pro Liquid cream
Razor Vanta RA112 with a half Super Shave X Platinum
Post Superdrug Forest Fresh

A very good shave in 3 passes
Best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery for your wife.
A great shave this morning with a Kure Nai loaded with a SuperMax Platinum (I think). It's quite a sharp blade so the razor was more aggressive than in some of my recent shaves. I had to be a bit more careful than usual, but managed an excellent DFS++ result with only the tiniest bit of sting from the aftershave.


Technically tomorrow isn't a shave day for me, especially after today's chin-stroker, so as this might be my last shave of the month I will take the opportunity to thank all the members of this brave and loyal band for taking part in this most eccentric of themed months!

I hope folks got something out of it. I know that my technique has improved over the course of the month and I have also learned a few things about my face that I will be able to translate to shaving with different types of razor. September may be drawing to a close but I am not going to be giving up my shavettes, and whilst next month will see a return to DE razors for OCtober, I am definitely keeping some of my shavettes (Parker PTB, Kure Nai, Focus & AC razors) on deck for regular rotation...I think I am at a point where, if there is sufficient time, I prefer a shavette shave to a DE shave.

Our numbers may have been small, and there may have been a few mishaps for some of us, but overall it's been a fun time and I thank you all for getting involved. I think a quote from Shakespeare sums up this month of shaves:

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother..." :lol:

Cheers, Gentlemen! Until next year, see you in the regular SABRE thread! :clap::clap::clap:

Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
I'm in the same boat. I'm locked into OCtober, but rest assured I will be back. I've really enjoyed this month. I will not be getting rid of any of my shavettes some of them I've hardly even got used to.

It's been a pleasure gentlemen and hopefully some of us will still use and frequent the SABRE thread often.
I will not be getting rid of any of my shavettes some of them I've hardly even got used to.

My shavette acquisition disorder has been so rampant that I've got some I never even got around to using this month! My Sedef didn't get used, and I still don't have a shave on the aliexpress DX clone - I will review that in the main SABRE thread once I get a chance to use it.
Saturday 30th September

Vie-Long/22mm Tux - Kiss my Face Moisture Shave - Tondeo Sifter/TSS3 #5 - Dunhill for Men

A very good shave to finish the month. Many thanks to @Goblin for setting this up. I have learned a lot and spent almost as much! As barber razors are my default 'weapon of choice' I will continue to use them...however I have a few GEMs, Injectors and SHADE razors demanding my attention and I feel I should comply. See you back in SABRE!
I shaved this morning with the Focus and a SuperMax Super Stainless. It might be my imagination, but the blade felt a bit less efficient than in the Parker PTB - the Focus feels like it wants and / or could handle a sharper blade. I have loaded half a Nacet for the next shave. Still, DFS and no dramas this morning.

After shaving I popped into town, where I found myself passing by Superdrug. This presented me with an opportunity to acquire some of this thread's favourite aftershave! Happily, Superdrug had a "2 for £5" on their own brand splashes, so I was able to acquire both "Forest Fresh" and "Sierran Breeze" without a serious blow to the wallet.

View attachment 1724009

I am currently sporting a test application of the "Sierran Breeze" and I can see why these are popular with you guys. This one is a kind of musky, fruity, aquatic thing that reminds me of a TOBS splash I had years ago (possibly "Eton College") and has a good dollop of moisturising ingredients like glycol and castor oil. I am sure "Forest Fresh" will be equally pleasing, which means two nice scents with good performance at fantastic prices. What's not to like?!

Good stuff. Funny, that - I've never noticed the "n" at the end of the first word and have been referring to this aftershave as if it was the engine fan of a 1980s Ford.

Just checked my bottle and it's always been there.
I tweaked the planned schedule this week to have this one ready for today. Seemed only right to end the month on an upper-case-s Shavette.

Dovo Shavette (black insert) + Tondeo TSS3 blade
Semogue C5 Mistura badger/boar brush
Arran Lochranza soap
Brut Attraction Totale aftershave

Screenshot from 2023-09-30 09-32-58.png

I've noticed them lurking in the background of several photographs this month, but they seem a bit thin on the ground in terms of people letting them out to play. I like the TSS3 blades, but I've only used them in this and the Boker - the Sifter can sit on the shopping list for the moment (after the increasingly inevitable Type 77...).

Thanks to @Goblin and everyone else for a great thread. See you all around.

Proraso white label (shaving cream);
Vie-Long horse, 24mm knot (shaving brush);
Focus R21 w/plastic insert and Derby saloon-style blade (razor);
Myrsol Metilsol (astringent/aftershave).

Same set-up as on 26 September, but I didn't have time to take a shot or comment then. Pretty much the same result as when using the similar Focus shavette with the metal insert, although there was a bit of irritation after applying the aftershave. This stuff is just too strong for me, and walking around with a trace of potassium alum on the face afterwards is bit weird. Also, one thing I didn't like in using the 24mm knot is that it tends to generate more lather than is really needed for my two-pass plus touch-ups shave.


Stirling Sheep (shaving soap);
Vie-Long horse-boar, 21mm knot (shaving brush);
Focus R21 w/plastic insert and a Lord Super Chrome half-blade (razor);
Christian Lenart Eau micellaire (astringent/post-shave).


For my last SABREtember shave, I thought I'd stay with the tried and true. Apart from the larger, barber-style shaving brush that is. Also, I have an important event to attend tonight, and I didn't want to risk walking around with any nicks, cuts, weeper traces, and so forth.

Today's shave was very pleasant, smooth, and close. I've described most of these players a number of times above, so I won't do so again, other than to say that this mild combination of an unscented mutton-tallow soap followed by a mild, light flower toner-lotion works very well for me, again and again. As for the larger 21mm knot, it worked well, but again there is a tendency to take up too much soap with it, resulting in too much lather. For palm-lathering, I prefer the narrower 19mm knot version. But both are great, cheap, utilitarian brushes.

To close this month, I want to say that I've enjoyed posting here and reading your posts. Thanks to @Goblin for having set up the thread! If you would like to continue following my shaves, please visit my "Commonplace Shaving Journal" from time to time. There, I sort of talk to myself, in keeping a "journal," but I like and appreciate occasional remarks there all the same.

I will probably continue with shavettes for a while in the short term, before returning to straights once things are really up and running here at my new permanent location.
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