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September is SABREtember! - Shavettes & Barber Razors (1st-30th Sept 23)

Individual blades in packs of 10

Beat me to it. Here's a lousy phone picture to show the wrapper.

Same as most DEs. Cardboard box, individual waxed paper wrapper. Arrive as double edged blades (though I've never seen anything that uses the whole blade), so will need to be split/cut/broken to fit the things we've been using.

Screenshot from 2023-09-30 12-37-33.png
It can be difficult to determine if your type 77 is a slim or a full width. If you buy a razor which resembles your Dovo it will definitely be slim....you will be able to use the Insert in both your Dovo and Böker razors and have an extra blade format for them. I can supply the link if required.
Yes, please.
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