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Andalou Shave cream

As I secured an item (Seal the Deal balm) in TJ Maxx a couple of days ago, I noticed this brushless product. I figured what the heck, because the price was right and its label said that the product is semi-transparent. That may help me avoid making mistakes during Movember.

The main note of interest with this line is what it calls "CannaCell" -- it and sister products are derived from hemp!

Back soon with a report. I haven't seen any mention of Andalou here.
It's slick. It's effective. I did a simple one-pass shave with a Feather SS plus a bit of touch-up, and I'm totally content.
Did I mention it's slick? :)
Getting down toward the end of this tube. I use it several times a week, largely because it allows me to see the lines of my beard and work effectively around them with a shavette. I also still think highly of its slickness.

I have since seen it for sale in Fairway supermarkets, as well as Whole Foods. The line includes other products.
It is a brushless product.

The reduced use of brushes and soaps is an opportunity cost -- which many here would deem too high -- but as long as I keep the beard, brushless products are likely to be in heavy rotation.
Got back to this one today (I still have some of the original tude) because I am regrowing a beard.
I could well buy it again.
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