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A total Solar Eclipse [this] April 8 2024 will cross 13 US States: Which ones are on the path?

I need to drive to get to a good spot.....let's hope it's not covered.....; might need to research the night before and "trust" the weather forecasts........then decide where to go.... Now the good news: just go to a school as no one will be there.

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...oh snap...a "105-year-old Texas man plans to chase his 10th total solar eclipse". ;)

By De'Anthony Taylor and Brian Curtis - 27 Mar 24
"Imagine witnessing a total solar eclipse a staggering 10 times in your lifetime. :a47:

For Laverne Biser, a 105-year-old man from Fort Worth, this dream has become a reality.

With a passion for chasing solar phenomena and capturing the perfect shot, Biser's story is nothing short of extraordinary. :thumbsup:

As a dedicated woodworker, Biser is no stranger to craftsmanship. His garage is filled with an array of tools, each carefully utilized in the construction and tinkering of telescopes.

"This motor there drives it. It'll follow the stars. It follows it," he explained, showcasing his intricate creations.

Biser meticulously prepares for each eclipse. He spends countless hours perfecting his equipment and meticulously plans the best spot to capture the celestial event.

His dedication knows no bounds, as he has spent decades chasing total solar eclipses across the United States, over the Black Sea, and off the coast of Brazil.

Biser's journey began as a young boy on his family farm in Ohio, where his fascination with celestial events first ignited.

Now, as he gears up for his 10th total solar eclipse, to be witnessed in North Texas, Biser's enthusiasm shows no signs
of waning.
His only concern? The possibility of obstructive clouds that could mar the view.

[This] month, Mr. Biser plans to gather with his family at his daughter's home in Plano to witness this awe-inspiring event".

Works Cited: 105yr Texas Man Plans To Chase His 10th Total Solar Eclipse

"It's only during an [total] eclipse that the person in the moon has a place in the sun" Author Unknown
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...and of course a 'bi-product' of this event is; 💲💲💲

"Equivalent to having 50 Super Bowls”: The staggering — and lucrative — scale of eclipse tourism"

By Li Zhou - Vox - 4 Apr 24

"More people will travel for this event than for one of the country’s biggest games [WOW!!!]".

"The biggest US travel event of this year might not be Taylor Swift’s sold-out concert tour or a long-awaited March Madness face-off.

Instead, it could well be the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, which could see as many as 4 million people in the US journeying to view it.

This year’s total solar eclipse is particularly special for the US: Although the phenomenon happens globally every 18 months, this one will be visible across a huge swath of the country, making witnessing it more accessible. Plus, the eclipse is expected to last longer than the prior one did in 2017, adding to its allure.


When it comes to the scale of travel we can expect, it’s “equivalent to having 50 Super Bowls simultaneously from Texas to Maine,” says Michael Zeiler, who helps run the Great American Eclipse website. :a47:

Such tourism is set to generate upward of
$1 billion ["cha-ching"!!!
] in revenue across numerous cities, from Austin, Texas, to Rochester, New York. These cities will all be prime places to see the eclipse, which will be fully visible in parts of the southern US, the Midwest, and New England.

Hotels and campgrounds in places where the full eclipse will be visible have long been sold out, with tens of thousands of visitors expected to flock to these cities.

“This is likely going to be the single biggest tourism event we’ve ever had,” Michael Pakko, a University of Arkansas economist, tells the Washington Post, regarding the more than $100 million in revenue the state is expecting. Towns and businesses are also going all out by investing in eclipse music festivals, theme park rides, and viewing parties.

Those traveling for this year’s eclipse join a long tradition of eclipse-chasers, who’ve been in awe of these events and who revel in sharing this communal experience.

The rarity of such phenomena and the opportunity to enjoy them simultaneously with others bolsters their draw, experts say.

The interest in eclipse tourism also comes as people’s willingness to travel has rebounded following the pandemic. :thumbsup:

Read More: This Solar Eclipse is Big Money $$$$

"A solar eclipse is like a shadow dancing with the sun". CBJ 💃🌒
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At 93%, all we really had was like it was overcast, and some very weird shadows

I've seen 99%, 98% and 90% eclipses.
None of those were any more interesting than a cloudy day.

Today, I saw 89 seconds of totality in Syracuse.
It was completely obscured by clouds.
Even so, it was much cooler than the partial eclipses
because it really was like night time.
It was midnight dark for a minute and a half
followed by a rapid return to daylight.
Today, I saw 89 seconds of totality in Syracuse.
And we saw about four minutes of it in Dallas. We were worried that the clouds would hide it but they obligingly stepped aside to let us watch. We didn't get real darkness, just the dull light of a heavily clouded sky. I got one picture during totality showing both the Sun and Venus; Jupiter was also visible on the other side of the Sun during totality. I could see one reddish spark on the lower side, and I've seen pictures showing more. I've now seen one total, one annular and a large number of partial eclipses.


Needs milk and a bidet!
I heard it was hard to see. Rather fuzzy at times. of course some say it was nuts! I think it was ballsy to be out there watching it.
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