American Safety Razor Dating Chart - Gem, Ever Ready, Kampfe Star

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    The beautiful 1949 Ever Ready DeLuxe Set
    1949_Ever Ready Deluxe Advert.jpg
  1. 1903_Yankee_Ad.png
    This is the first appearance of the famous face that later will become Ever-Ready trademark.
    It is said (not confirmed) that the happy shaving man depicted in the image is Mr. Jerry Reichard himself.

    1903_ Jerry Reichard"TrademarkFace"_Yankee.jpg
    1903 Ad and price list. "Yankee", Gem, Ever-Ready...what a mess!

    Yankee Letter.jpg
    A letter sent in 1903. "Shaves your whiskers without disfiguring your face"!
  2. For all the Gem newbies, "how to shave with a Gem blade":
    Suavecito! ('30s Puerto-Rican Ad)
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  3. 1941 Ever Ready "G.I." Military Issue Made in USA


    When America joined the War in late 1941, rush orders for razors for the troops were placed & conveniently, Ever Ready had a large stock of 1912 Short Handle Popular travel sets waiting to go!
    The cases were hastily sprayed khaki green & issued for about 6 months before Gillette won the National Contract.
  4. Great thread and photos. :a14::a29:
  5. 1900 Gem "The Improved", Made In Sheffield, England
    1900_The_Improved#1.jpg 1900_The_Improved#2.jpg 1900_The_Improved#3.jpg
  6. For the record, 1922 "Lady Gem Her Boudoir" 1922_Lady_Gem_Her_Boudoir#1.jpg 1922_Lady_Gem_Her_Boudoir#2.jpg
  7. A new entry, the 1925 Gem "NU Metal" (the chart has been already updated for beta 1.3). Great hefty handle!

    1925_Gem_NU_Metal.jpg 1925_Gem_NU_Metal#2.jpg
  8. As discussed on the Micromatic Monday thread, one of the first Micromatic presentation case (1930-1933?) with the white-ish satin lining

    A NOS 1925 Gem "Minute Man" AKA Bathroom Set

    A beautiful 1946 Gem "Peerless" Made in England. Nickel plated Frame on an aluminum "chain-link" handle.

    End of a glorious era. The last of the Micromatics: a 1950 Gem Flying Wing with plastic knob
  9. A few sets for the lather-catchers lovers:

    An 1898 "Gem"

    The "1904" model:
    1904-Model#1.jpg 1904-Model#2.jpg

    The "1907" Gem Junior Bar Outfit with black wood handle:

    A 1911 "Gem Junior Bar" Outfit with a two-piece tubular handle:

    A 1911 "Gem Junior Bar" Traveler Outfit with Ivorite handle (Take my kidneys!!)

    A 1911 "Gem Junior" with its peculiar frame and the one-piece knurled handle
  10. The 1925 "Supreme" Travel Set in the so-called "French Ivory washable case" 1921-1924_Gem_Supreme#1.jpg
    1925 saw the introduction of the new flat top "Squat" head to fit the smaller travel cases. I don't have one but it seems to be a little more aggressive than the regular 1912 head:

    1925_Gem_Supreme_Squat#2.jpg 1925_Gem_Supreme_Squat#3.jpg
  11. A Gem "Feather-weight" with a more unusual "dark olive" handle. 1951_FeatherWeight_OliveHandle#1.jpg 1951_FeatherWeight_OliveHandle#2.jpg

    A 1951 Feather-Weight special edition set for the 50th anniversary:

    featherweight50th#1.jpg featherweight50th#2.jpg featherweight50th#3.jpg
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    Wow, you sure have come across some great razors and sharing them with us with your and other fellow collector collections who give us more information on what is out there to look for. I'm really enjoying this thread will more than likely will be a historical record in the future for references, Thanks!
  13. 1917 Ever Ready Combination Set #5 (Pat. 24/14)

    1917 Ever Ready Combination Set #6 (Pat. 24/14)

  14. You are very welcome Ron! :thumbsup:
  15. h/t to @jmudrick for posting this originally on the boards here. Ad is from 1949.

    Knowing this then the Bullet Tip can be classified as 2 distinct razors depending where in the production run it was made since they will shave different. I can say that is the case having shaved with the guiding eye and plastic knob versions.

  16. How did I ever live (or shave vintage SE) without this thread.
    Happy times!!!
  17. Lol, not just two, we can count up to four. The Flying Wing has seen more iterations in its short life than any other in razor history:
    1947- Micromatic Flying Wing with Guiding Eye
    1948- Micromatic Improved Flying Wing
    1949- Newly Adjusted "Micromatic Flying Wing"
    1950- Micromatic Flying Wing with "off-white" plastic knob
  18. This "gem" (pun intended) is taken directly from the 1947 World Series Official program. Maybe the first Flying Wing advertisement ever:
    1947_ World Series official program book.jpeg
    Another 1947 funny ad:
  19. Thanks John!

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