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My first razors and the start of my wet shaving journey


I started out with a non-twist R89 and Astra blades.
Funnily, I didn't like either. Neither the razor nor the blades, and still don't up to this day. :blink:
I then got a R41 and liked it a lot. My favorite blade for the R41 were Polsilver Super Iridiums. They are a bit expensive and hard to get nowadays, I mostly use BICs by now and am right now on a quest to use my remaining blade samplers, which might take a while.

Somehow, this is nowadays the starting point and quite a lot of people seem to end up starting with a DE89/R89 and Astra blades.
Just like the Rockwell 6S somehow is still popular as "first stainless steel" razor.

I never went the Vintage route, in Europe they are not that easy to get, but got some modern vintage remakes and quite a lot of razors over the years.

Let's see how far you want to dive into the rabbit hole, have fun and enjoy your shaving journey! :applause:
I was about a month into wet shaving, and thought that I had more than enough razors (4 at the time)… when I went with my family to a flea market. I came home with two vintage Techs for $8…

Even when your not looking… they multiply.
You have all the razors you will ever need. The SuperSpeed will provide a lifetime of great shaves.

BTW, that Wilky you started with is definitely a “real razor”. I’m glad you ended up with the Gillette but that Wilkinson could have been your one and only.
Welcome to B&B. It's really easy to trip down the road of R.A.S. and G.A.S.: razor acquisition syndrome and gear acquistion syndrome.

I'll echo positive sentiments for Gillette vintage and antique razors. I've 2 techs and 2 New comb (short and long versions) and love them all. I didn't understand the whole comb thing when I started out many years ago when I was reawakended to wet shaving. I've a very sensitive neck and have found both my New Long and New Short comb Gillettes paired with a one of my favorite blades to work really well. I recently tried a Voskhod blade for the first time in my short comb and had the best neck shave I've ever had (read nearly zero weepers and significantly lowered irritation.) For me this blade requires I pay careful attention to my prep and the quality of how I create a good lather for cushion. Without the effort the blade is just a bit draggy, where Perma-Sharp and Wizamet Iridium blades don't drag regardless of my prep or lather quality and I really like both of those blades as well.

Anyway...have fun. I've read more experienced members comment to stick with one blade/razor combination for an extended period of time so you can comfortably and thoughtfully develop your technique.

Again welcome and enjoy the shave!
Welcome to the 1950s, @DrTudor ! :D

It's awesome that you've had a good transition from cartridges to DE razors. Not everyone does. It probably took me a month before I was used to my first DE razor, after shaving with carts and disposables for decades. It took longer than that before I was getting better shaves with the DEs than I had with the carts.

Rather than getting another razor right away, I recommend first experimenting with different prep methods (creams, soaps, brush types etc.), and then experiment with different blades after you're even more comfortable with the DE techniques.
Welcome to B&B. You're off to a great start!
Vintage Gillettes are amazing shaving devices and they have so much history to them. I have a fondness for them myself.

I would like to share my experience of transitioning to wet shaving. I am grateful to you all for helping me make the right choices, and I want to express my gratitude through this post.

I had always used plastic cartridge razors for my shaves, as I'm sure many of you can relate to. Shaving was never a pleasant experience, but rather a necessity. I became interested in DE razors as they looked much more elegant and stylish than modern ones, but I never researched the subject. One day, while I was buying some cartridges for my razor in a store, I spotted a Wilkinson Classic (the plastic version) which cost only 5 euros. Intrigued by the low price and my interest in DE razors, I decided to give it a try.

When I got home, without any prior research, I went straight to the bathroom, applied some shaving foam to my beard, and tried the Wilkinson DE razor. I expected cuts and burns, but to my surprise, I got the best shave I had ever had. I was instantly hooked.
Over the next few days, I read hundreds of threads on this forum and other places to learn more about wet shaving. I realized that I needed a real safety razor, so I searched for the best one and decided on the Muhle R89 Twist, which cost me 50 euros. I was very excited to receive it. (I also bought shaving cream from Proraso, a cheap brush with boar hair from Nom, and Proraso aftershave)

However, when it arrived, I was disappointed to find that it had a manufacturing problem. The part that twists to open the head was unscrewing and detached itself from the razor, making it impossible to open the head. I returned it and got a refund, but the real problem was the build quality of this so-called "premium razor." The metal was very thin, and the interior looked cheap. So I started my research all over again to find a good and reliable razor.

View attachment 1799345View attachment 1799346

Thanks to the advice of this forum, I discovered the old but gold Gillette razors and found an online store where I bought a Gillette Super Speed from 1967 for 25 euros. Although I don't have much experience, this is only my second razor, but it is incredible. For any beginner out there, I have to tell you that you can't go wrong with a razor like this. It feels and looks infinitely better than my broken Muhle. You can feel the build quality in every inch of the machine. The twist-to-open mechanism is pure finesse, and you feel like a lord when you put the blade in and then close it. It's incredible how these machines work flawlessly despite their age, while new brands charge you 50+ euros for a metal rod and a screw.

View attachment 1799347
View attachment 1799348
View attachment 1799349
View attachment 1799350View attachment 1799351

As for the shave that this little guy offers, again, I don't have much experience, but I can't imagine a better shave than this. At first, I thought that the razor was broken because I didn't feel anything. It's like it's floating; you don't feel anything when it passes, but it cuts everything. The weight is perfect, and you can control it effortlessly. I didn't get a single cut from it, and I am an absolute beginner. From my second pass, my face was clean, and the shave was really close to the skin. (I use Astra blades. For the first shave with my new razor, I used the blade that was in my plastic Wilkinson, so you cannot attribute the quality of the shave to the blade.)

Thank you very much for all the information and dedication that you put into this forum. It is truly a goldmine for everyone interested in this topic! I hope that my story will encourage anyone who wants to start this journey to give it a try and keep an eye out for vintage razors.
Thats a splendid little set which you have there sir! Welcome to the wet shaving world! May you have many good shaves!
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