American Safety Razor Dating Chart - Gem, Ever Ready, Kampfe Star

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    Here is a Gem 1914 open comb set.
    gem1914a.jpg gem1914b.jpg gem1914c.jpg gem1914d.jpg
  1. An absolute treasure trove.
    I thought this would be great as a web page, so I took the liberty to give it a shot and come up with a proof of concept: - ASR Timeline

    The idea is to have at least one image per model for easy identification, but getting new images or permissions for existing ones will be a task in itself.
    Friendly comments and images welcome :)
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    wow, very user friendly timeline!
  3. Awesome work @riverrun! That will definitely be a valuable resource for me and many others. May I suggest checking out

    The Association of Lather Catchers: TALC

    thread (if you haven't already). You may be able to get images for some of those early razors, and your site will be of interest there for sure.

    Don't know why my link looks like that and don't know how to fix it either lol
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  5. Your link looks perfect to me -- just a little on the small side :302:
  6. Questions:
    The chart says:

    1897 Reichard and Scheuber leave Kampfe.
    - Agreed on Reichard, but is there any evidence that Scheuber worked for them?
    Waits claims/assumes it in "Before Gilette", but why? I have seen no evidence.

    1903 J. Reichard and A. Scheuber found the Yankee company
    - Didn't they found the Reichard & Scheuber Mfg. Co first and then rename it Yankee Co. later?
    Or was it the other way round?
    I wish he would make up his mind.
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  7. Another thing I noticed in the chart:
    1902 Kampfe Bros Star "HR-14A/B/C" pierced "STAR", new Y-shaped teeth...

    Model HR-13A already had Y-shaped teeth. See pictures: - ASR Timeline

    And what is Model HR-14C?
    It's not in my edition of Hazelcorn. How does it differ from Type A and B?
  8. And one last issue:
    I don't believe that the Star Safety Razor Company was formed in 1875.
    I can find no evidence for that claim and there seems to be not a single Star razor that can be dated before 1880.
    Waits claims 1875 for the production of Star Safety Razors and that in 1860 Kampfe Bros. were making cutlery.
    Thing is - in 1860 the brothers were 5, 7 and 9 years old and lived in Germany.
    In short: no evidence of Kampfe Bros or Star razors before 1880.
    (Ads from 1905 claiming 30 years in business are ads - not documents)

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