American Safety Razor Dating Chart - Gem, Ever Ready, Kampfe Star

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    Earliest I find is March 1947. The big rollout is beginning of April (start of baseball season :) )

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  2. Are you ready for more Ever-Ready? :a46:
    "The New", AKA "1909"
    1909_The_New#1.jpg 1909_The_New#2.jpg

    1918 "Dollar Khaki-Kit"

    1921 "Mahoganite" Set

    1924 Sears Custom. When the 1924 became the 1924!

    1924 Ever-Ready Sedan Set
    1924_Sedan.jpg 1924_Sedan#2.jpg

    ...more to follow
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    This thread is awesome! It's everything I ever wanted to know about Vintage Ducks (SE Razors).
  4. 1925 Ever-Ready "Great Northern Railways" advertising set
    1925_Northern_Railway2.jpg 1925_Northern_Railway.jpg

    1925 Cigarette Case with free Wall cabinet
    1925_Cigarette_Case2.jpg 1925_Cigarette_Case.jpg

    1925 "Roadster" Set

    1925 "Touring"
    1925_Touring.jpg 1925_Touring2.jpg

    1925 "Travel Pack"
    1925_Travel_Package#2.jpg 1925_Travel_Package#1.jpg
  5. Thanks my friend!
  6. 1925 "Sport" travel case. What you would have thrown in your gym bag in the twenties :001_302:

    1925_Sport.jpg 1925_Sport2.jpg

    1930-1932 Ever-Ready "New Improved"
    Ever-Ready-New Improved.png

    1933 NRA Ever-Ready "New Improved" The last of the "made in USA"?*
    *Actually not as I've seen a 1958 Ever-Ready Natural V Angle (Feather Weight) with the "Made in USA" engraving.
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  7. 1946 Ever-Ready "Peerless" with round knurled aluminum handle

    Again the 1949 "DeLuxe" set, from @pjgh's collection
    It was available also in brown, green or yellow of these attractive "Streamlined" clamshell plastic cases

    1953 "New V Natural Angle Heavy Flat Top" (AKA the "E-Bar")
  8. I was about to publish a new chart with a lot of added information and some due corrections, name it Version 2 and called it done.
    The fact is I keep discovering the existence of new models and sets. Also new corrected dating. Unsure if it's time to release the new more complete V.1.3 and clutter the internet with charts or just wait and leave the incomplete one on the first page :07:
  9. Ok, so it's time to publish the new and final version of the dating chart. I believe I ran out of reliable sources and, in any case, it's a big advancement in respect as the previous version.
    As I've expected to be it's huge! Click on it or "open in a new window" to see the original size.
    Feel free to copy the image on your computer for later reference or to share it wherever you want.
    Thanks to @jmudrick for the flood of invaluable pieces of information he spread on the forums and to @Ron R who first believed in this project.

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    Absolutely brilliant timeline chart and will be used for generations of razor enthusiasts.
  11. Excellent work, beautifully presented. I have spent a lot of time with this chart already, downloaded a copy because I wouldn't want to be without it. I rate it 5 MMOCs!

    Thanks so much, @mata_66 !!
  12. Here is an example of a Treet razor not sure if this the earlier one produced from 1938 to 1948 or the ones produced after the merger.

    treet1.jpg treet2.jpg treet3.jpg
  13. Another Treet razor, this time with the maroon colored handle.

    treata2.jpg treeta1.jpg treeta3.jpg
  14. I also have to give mata_66 serious props for this chart. I learned quite a bit about Every Ready razors. I had no idea they produced a flat top razor like the Gem G-bar or a push button variation.
  15. Wonderful data! Thanks for the chart!

    Great job!
  16. Yup!
    (Photo by norfolkdick)

    An Ever-Ready Pushbutton (Made in USA!?)
    (Photo by @mulligano)
  17. Thanks Jim!
  18. Some gold:
    Ever-Ready "Natural Angle", AKA E-Bar

    Christmas 1939 Gold-plated Ever-Ready Strop Outfit

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