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Acquisitions Monday August 21th - Sunday August 27th

The FedEx truck finally arrived.


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Well it was time for the next step. Following trying out DE razors with a Boots cheapo (£3.99) I decided to spend some serious money (in this case £35) on a razor. From Executive Shaving the following arrived this morning (as good as Christmas!!!):

Merkur Progress
20 Merkur Blades
Taylors Shaving Shop scent cream

Looking forward to trying the Progress tomorrow and seeing if it makes a difference.

After a few weeks on this forum it looks like I will soon need a second bathroom cabinet.
WOW. I just ordered this stuff friday night (three days ago), and its already waiting at home for me today! I am very impressed with QED's turnaround! Products were packed very thorougly, and secured well.


Edit: I also really enjoy the descriptive sheets/executive summaries that Charles sends out. Very professional.
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Nice score Joe, Charles makes a fine true Sandalwood soap, and I think you will love the brush.
Cheers, DJ.
Well, I must say I am normally immune to the RAD variant of *AD. That being said, I got two new razors.:redface: First, after all my griping about how NWC never answered my e-mails about the Injector group buy, a whole slew of members here came out of the woodwork to offer me theirs. What a bunch of guys! One member insisted on sending me one gratis despite my protestations. Not a good pic, but here it is:


Next, another member here put me in a half-nelson and insisted I buy a Gillette Superspeed from him after hearing that I had never tried a Gillette razor. Here is the little honey:


Can't wait to try them out.
That Gillette looks great. How does it work? Compared to the Merkur? I saw Joel's view on the Gillette, but I have been contemplating getting one off EBay. How is the injector, I am really close to pulling the trigger and getting one.

Now, on to our regular schedule for this thread:

Today, I got:

Floris Elite cologne, deoderant and balm
Floris Santal cologne, balm (2), shave cream and 3 bars of soap (great bar of soap btw, lathers even better C&E soaps I think).
Floris 127
Floris JF
(got to love the sale, but the elite was from Shop Londons, highly recommended)
Did a trade for the proraso pre/post and shave cream in the green tube.

I am now on a SWMBO hiatus from buying for a while :angry:

– Dovo razor stand
– Merkur Vision
– Feather Double-Edge Blades, 10-Pak
– T&H Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream
– ToOBS Luxury Herbal Aftershave Cream
– ToOBS Mr Taylor's Shaving Gel
– ToOBS Herbal Hair Gel
– SWISSCO Badger Bristle Toothbrush
– MARVIS Toothpaste, Jasmine Mint

Just a few things today:

Taylor St. James x2
Taylor Almond
Taylor Avocado
Trumper Almond
Trumper Violet
Trumper Coconut
Trumper Coral Skin Food
Big honkin' DaVinci H20
Mocha Java shave stick :drool:
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My birthday gifts:

-MUSGO REAL A/S Classic Scent
-MUSGO REAL Shaving Cream
-OLIVIA's Cream Shaving Soap in a wooden bowl w.lid, scented:CHILL OUT
-3 Samples of the other MUSGO REAL A/S Colognes

And the best is, I know that these gifts come from the bottom of the heart and that makes me very, very happy...:001_smile :001_smile

New arrivals yesterday

Trumper Violet Shave Cream (smells and shaves great).
Trumper Coral Skin Food (this stuff is amazing - i love it!).
Trumper Alum Block (also very good, never used one of these before).
Dovo Razor Stand. :cool:
Styptic matches.
Merkur Platinum Blades.
Wilkinson Classic Blades.
Tesco Platinum Blades (they don't feel all that good to me). :thumbdown

Ordered and waiting to be delivered

Vulfix 2234 Super Badger.
Blade sample pack from letterk.
Mama-Bear Bay Rum Shave Soap.
Mama-Bear Indian Sandalwood Shave Soap.
Mama-Bear Christmas Forest Shave Soap.
TomH said:
My birthday gifts:

-MUSGO REAL A/S Classic Scent
-MUSGO REAL Shaving Cream
-OLIVIA's Cream Shaving Soap in a wooden bowl w.lid, scented:CHILL OUT
-3 Samples of the other MUSGO REAL A/S Colognes

And the best is, I know that these gifts come from the bottom of the heart and that makes me very, very happy...:001_smile :001_smile


Tom, Those are some great gifts...are those from your sweetheart?
Hi Joe,

from my Marion and their parents, very, very lovely and heartily people...:001_smile :001_smile

I hope everything is okay with you and Candis??
Best wishes to her...

Taylors Victorian Limes cologne: this is my all time favorite cologne, used to think I only liked it in the summer, but after my wife said, "Mmmm. . .Daddy smells good this morning," at the breakfast table, this one is going into the 12 month rotation!:001_tt2: :001_tt2: :001_tt2:

Also finally picked up some Taylors avocado--great stuff, very moisturizing--the face feels so much better after the shave its amazing.

I also got a new hydrosol at the local hippie grocery--Pangea Organics - Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Facial Toner--very nice stuff, not as refreshing as Thayers, but with a bit more sting--in a good way. . .
More stuff today. It has been a good week.

Floris JF ASB
Floris Sandalwood cologne :drool:
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I received my order from Mama Bear today.

Shaving Soaps:
Rosemary Mint
Celestial Waters

Bonus from Mama

Dragon's Tears

They all smell great and can't wait to shave with Rosemary Mint tomorrow. I'm a newbie to wet shaving and have never tried soaps, but I'm looking forward to these.
madmedic said:
Body Shop Shaving Cream
Vulfix Lavender Cream
Vulfix 2190 Travel Brush
Schick Type G Injector


So, how's the Body Shop stuff? Just curious, because I have a Body Shop about a 10 minute walk fro my house, and how nice it would be to actually find a supplier that close for somethng - ANYTHING!


I picked up some Cedarwood shave soap from "The Soap Lady", and the Motherload arrived from Nancy Boy.

1-shave cream
3-body bar
1- mild facial cleaner
1-travel shampoo
1-travel conditioner
1-liquid hand soap
The free stuff
1-full size mild facial cleanser
1-travel size mild facial cleanser
1-travel size liquid hand soap
You gotta love the free stuff and free shipping that Nancy Boy gives ya.:thumbup:
Cheers, DJ.
Oh, and they also sent me free samples of both the Butch and Fem Parfum.
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