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2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

Still in. No temptations so far. I am about to finish a bottle of B&M Spice AS, probably by next week. I've already used it more than 150 times. Unfortunately, I haven't made any significant dent to my soap stock.
There is a good number not checked in, must be leaving it for the last minute; a flat tyre on the road maybe.
I fear we will loose quite a lot of drivers of our race tomorrow and @Pepin might be one of them. However, @ all remaining drivers: do drive safe & stay healthy!

JAHE #6 still in
1st Quarterly checkin {30th March - 7th April} now just a few hours to go and a number of drivers have not checked in; Team four in particular are struggling on the road. The following are leaving it close;
@Pepin , @deafficianado , @Chandu , @Keen Edge , @RTM , @02flhtci ,@CJB3 ,@Brian C. , @Ryanshh ,@drquantum ,@geneaut , @Earcutter ,@Silky Glide ,@karhu ,@Raven Koenes ,@Wtd1911 ,@gcconspiracy
The current situation is looking bleak so let's hope there has not been a pile-up;
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Thank you for your efforts @Invicta !
Checked in 3/24...
You must check-in on the 2020 GRUYERE thread during the specific times listed:
  • March 30th to April 7th
  • June 29th through to July 7th
  • September 29th through to October 7th
  • January 1st through to January 9th 2021
  • However, at other times please feel free to post and let us know how you are doing in your goal of abstaining.